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Windsurfers Escape to the Sun in Tenerife

Windsurfers Escape to the Sun in Tenerife

Author: Dan Williams

You would be amazed how easy is it to escape a dreary UK winter and spend some time under the warm rays of the Mediterranean sun. Picture this, it's Thursday lunchtime, you turn off your computer in the office, say goodbye to your colleagues, pick up your rucksack and board bag and take a short cab ride to the station. An hour relaxing on the train, reading the newspaper and you're at the airport and starting to feel that holiday tingle in your bones. Another hour relaxing in the coffee bar in Departures and before you know it the plane is taking off through the cloud and drizzle of a typical January day in England.

Just over three hours later you are looking down from a cloudless sky onto an island fringed by a mix of beaches with a dramatic inland volcanic mountain area. Your flight to Tenerife is almost over and you're about to start the best winter long weekend you've ever experienced. Disembarking the plane and passing through customs of Reina Sofia airport is a quick and painless affair and, after a short 10 minute coach ride from Tenerife's southern airport, you are sitting on the terrace of your hotel, sipping a well deserved cocktail, overlooking El M├ędano, the best windsurfing beach on Tenerife.

This all seems light years away from the day-to-day grind you left behind earlier in the day but this really is reality and with the number of cheap flights available to Tenerife at the moment, this lifestyle, normally associated with the rich and famous, could easily be yours with flight deals costing less than the average price of a family trip to the local Pizza restaurant.

Companies like FlyThomasCook, who fly to Tenerife from at least 7 UK airports, specialize in low cost tickets and have a wide choice of options for getting to Tenerife and the other Canary Islands, for very reasonable fares. Granted the exchange rate at the moment gets you fewer euros than last year, but daily rates for accommodation are very affordable at the moment and the total cost of your long weekend in the sun will probably surprise you.

After a pleasant evening watching the sun go down and getting to know your fellow surfers over a convivial drink, it's off to bed for a good night's sleep in preparation for the early start the next day to make the most of your time on the Island.

Waking early to mild temperatures, a fresh onshore breeze and a hearty breakfast, the perfect start to a windsurfing day beckons and it's a short walk to the South Bay where the Official Test Centre opens it's doors to welcome you to a myriad of the latest windsurfing gear. Experts are on hand to fit you to the equipment you need. With over 50 boards and 100 sails, all the latest models, everyone is sure to find exactly what they need. The centre receives the full support of the local community, many of whom rely on windsurfing visitors for trade. After resolving a recent difficulty with the local council the Centre has opened its doors to the 2009 season. Tourism is the backbone of the economy in Tenerife and although local laws are in place to prevent any harm coming to the island, anything that gets in the way of tourism is quickly evaluated and corrected.

So you're now out in the Bay, the seas are perfect, the water is a pleasant temperature and there is enough of a swell to test the most adventurous wave jumpers. It really is a perfect tonic to the drab winters of Northern Europe and with a long weekend visit to Tenerife costing very little at this time of year, there is really no reason not to try it. Book your ticket, grab your luggage and get on a flight yourself.

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