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Top Five Exotic Honeymoons in Cuba

Author: Emma Lelliott

Cuban honeymoons provide plenty for newlyweds to see, do and take part in, including great beaches and interesting sight seeing opportunities. However, the island also offers less obvious and much more exotic thrills for those who want them. We count down the top five honeymoons in Cuba to whet your appetite and give couples a few ideas they might not have thought of for that truly memorable honeymoon...

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5. Diving Honeymoons

Cuba and the Caribbean have some of the best diving in the world. The clear waters, amazing diversity of sea life and huge range of corals and rock outcrops to explore make it ideal for normal or scuba diving. Honeymoons around Cuba on scuba diving trips are incredible, as they let you experience the wonderful diversity and beauty of the ocean floor with the one you love.

4. Following in Castro's footsteps

For history buffs and those who like walking holidays, why not spend your Cuban honeymoon following in the footsteps of Cuba's most famous revolutionaries? You can follow the trail of Fidel Castro's revolutionary guerrillas from the playa Las Coloradas, into central Cuba and beyond. Walking tours can be organised and you can get a real feel of the adventure and hardship of the freedom fighters on your way through the island's interior. You can also visit the many monuments and statues to the fighters along the way and in your final stop in the capital of Havana.

3. Cigars, Coffee and Rum

Cuba is synonymous with cigars, coffee and rum, and any trip to the island should include trying some if not all of these to give you a real taste of the island itself. However, you can take it one step further and spend part or your entire honeymoon in Cuba touring the plantations, factories and distilleries of the island, sampling the best brands and the most luxurious hand made verities. Sitting with your loved one sipping the best the island has to offer, or indulging in that luxurious vice of cigar smoking together is enchanting while watching the sun set over the Caribbean.

2. Swimming with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins has routinely been chosen as one of the top experiences to have before you die, and when better to do it than when on your honeymoon? Cuba waters and the surrounding Caribbean are teaming with these friendly mammals, and tours, excursions and swims are organised to give you the best experiences possible while causing no harm or anxiety to the dolphins themselves. A magical moment to have together while on honeymoon in Cuba.

1. Salsa

The passionate island moves to its own unique rhythm, and you and your partner can get swept up on it on a salsa honeymoon in Cuba. There are lessons available for the uninitiated and dances and dance halls ready for those with a real love of salsa. It's a perfect way to spend your honeymoon in Cuba, as the dance is all about fire, joy and passion, and will start your marriage as you mean to go on...

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Emma Lelliott is the general manager of Captivating Cuba, an independent specialist in holidays, breaks and honeymoons in Cuba. With offices in Havana and the UK, Captivating Cuba can help you tailor-make the perfect Cuban holiday experience.

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