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China by Bike: Taiwan, Hong Kong, China''s East Coast

Travel guide for the old town of Fenghuang - China vacations info

Author: Shane Lee

This article is about the China vacations and Fenghuang travel. You can find some useful information in it if you are planning your Fenghuang travel now.

Fenghuang, Hunan is called "one of the two most beautiful towns of China" - the old town of Fenghuang, it is a very important town that connects Huaihua, Hunan and Tongren Guizhou together. It is the hometown of Shengcongwen, a very famous auther, archaeologist and historian of China. Mr Shen devoted all his life to writing, his 5 - million words works are though as the precious legacy to the world literature. These works are also very valuable for researching the history of Hunan province and even China.

How to get in:
You can fly to Zhangjiajie, Hunan first. There are airlines connecting Zhangjiajie directly with many big cities of China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc) . It is about 4 hours' ride from Zhangjiajie to Fenghuang. There are buses heading to Fenghuang in the downtown of Zhangjiajie (at 8:00 am, 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm). The cost is 62 rmb for one person. If you wanna fly to Changsha, Hunan first. It is a little bit far away from Fenghuang from Changsha and you will need to drive for 6 hours to get to Fenghuang. In the old town of Fenghuang, the most common vehicle is the tricycle. The cost is about 1 rmb if you are travelling inside the old town of Fenghuang. If you are going to some place out of this little town, it is about 2 - 5 rmb.

Eat in Fenghuang:
The food here is the typical Hunan food and is very spicy. If you don't want too much chili in your dishes, you need to tell the waiter / waitress when you are ordering your food. ( To get more info about Lhasa travel and China vacations, you can visit Travel2ChinaInfo Dot COM )

Shopping in Fenghuang:
The ginger sugar (Jiangtang) is very famous here. It is a special food made from the ginger and sugar. An interesting thing I found here is that almost every store here is selling the ginger sugar. They all claim to be the genuine ginger sugar of Fenghuang, :-) You can try some free samples in these stores first. If you really like it, you can bring some back to your home. This ginger sugar is very unique and you will not be able to fine the same thing in other places. The batik painting is another interesting thing you must see here. You can visit a little store near the Hongqiao bridge. The name of its owner is Tengshufang and he will take you to the place making these batik paintings. They will show you how they make these batik paitnings and it's free. :-)

Accommodation in Fenghuang:
There are a lot of family inns in the old town of Fenghuang and the cost is about 10 - 100 rmb for a night. Here are some good family inns for your Fanghuang travel: (1). Tuojiangrenjia Inn: The name of its owner is Baozhongyi and the phone number is: 0743 - 3224558. (2).Jiangbei Inn: The name of its owner is Huangjianhe and the phone number is: 0743 - 3260234.

The former residence of Shencongwen: Lined in the Zhongying street in the south part of the Fenghuang old town, the residence is a typical spacious ancient countyard with special tectonic style of Ming and Qing dynasty. Walk into the yard, you can find that there is a small patio in the center of the countyard, which is built with red rocks. Around the patio , there are about 10 rooms which are small but decorated by special carved wooden windows. It is so beautiful. This 100-years-old countyard was renovated in 1989. The 1st room on the right hane is for displaying Shen's photos. What displayed in the 2nd room are Shen's handwriting articles. At the left side, you will find a list of Shen's work of different additions. In the center of the middle room, there is a line drawing hanging on the wall. The left fringle room is Shen's bedroom and another one on the right is full of marble desks and chairs.

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Surrey is a county placed in England and is a favored tourist place. Situated just at odds with of London, Surrey is a county crowded of refined scenery and numerous charm for sightseers. The county is seated along the Thames River and has a quaint and relaxed village smell. This county has so much to offer tourists, including the magnificent dinner, distraction and chronicled allurement. There is bound to be something that captivates tourists as they appreciate their stay in this breathtaking county.

There are many locales of curiosity throughout the county. Richmond is a modest place seated in the middle of the county. Legions globetrotters be fond of spending time here because it is diverse, offering a taste of the municipality while maintaining the relaxing charm of the country. The Hampton Court Palace is a standard activity point for every one of tourists. This is the first-string palace in every one of of England. On the grounds of the Palace is a maze that is over 300 years old. Tours of the palace are available and will teach jet-setters of the life of Henry VII. Within the Palace is a haunted gallery that is said to be roamed by the spirit of Catherine Howard.

Shopping is always a favourite pastime when visiting Europe. Surrey suggests some of the most shopping alternative to of London. With boutiques, antique shops, markets, department stores and farmers markets, there is something for everyone. Myriads guests delight in strolling the boulevards searching at petite shops. Surrey has a very alive and animated sporting place. There are sports clubs stationed in every borough. Gold, tennis, squash, ice skating, and swimming are just a sporadic of the sports offered to tourists. Surrey has some of the most sublimely landscaped golf courses in the area and is home to the internationally familiar course at Wentworth. There is also an every one of weather course positioned in Kempton. No matter what your personal interests are, there is free from doubt to be something rousing and unique to do meanwhile your come by.

While spending a relaxing day in Surrey, you will pinpoint an endless array of establishments for food and drink. One of the specialties in the county is marmalade. Better restaurants and cafes will serve this. Also, greater of the food prepared is grown locally. A menu favourite is Angus beef, raised in Surrey. The bars and public houses serve English wine and ale, which is produced at the vineyards and breweries in the county. Almost everything that is offered on a menu in Surrey is locally grown and made.

Recreation is not difficult to pinpoint when seeing. There are multitudinous fairs and festivals overall the year, especially throughout harvest time. There are gourmet events, including food preparation demonstrations. The night clubs offer a taste of the unbelievable night life in Surrey. Dance the night away at a local club or public house. There are also cinemas and theatres for those who adore performing arts. Sporting events are wide spread, ranging from horse racing to cricket matches. No matter what your personal interests are, there is unfailing to be something to do for diversion while seeing.

All in all, Surrey will make a fantastical spot for the casual or long-term traveller, be they on organization or game, searching for past or modernity, grounding or gastronomy or sport. Surrey is conveniently close to Britain's busy capital while also offering multitudinous bait of its own. It has rural charms but also a municipal buzz, so tourists could truly enjoy a jammed full gamut of adventures. Whether one is taking a leisurely country walk along the Surrey Hills, or sampling a selection of organic cheeses at a farmer's market in Guildford, or enjoying a pint of nut-brown, foaming ale in a country public house, or touring round Loseley Park imagining what it was like to live in the distant old lang syne, Surrey is the city to be.

Britain and Ireland

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Common Questions About Cruise Ship Vacations

Author: John Parks

Cruise ship vacations are one of the most exotic and exciting trips that can be made. One of the most exciting parts about a cruise is that passengers travel to several different places in one trip. The passengers get all of the excitement of taking the cruise, and they also get to go on shore to the destinations on the trip.

There are many different kinds of cruises. Some are oriented for destinations, some are for ocean trips exclusively, some are designed to be romantic, some are family friendly, and some are designed for senior citizens. All of this variety makes a cruise vacation right for almost anyone.

If you have decided to take a cruise, you might wonder about how the trip may go and what kinds of things you should bring. The first thing you should make sure that you have is a passport. This is necessary for any international cruise destinations. If you do not have your passport, you will not be allowed into any other country. However, some cruises only travel within a specific country. If it is your home country then you do not have to worry about getting a passport.

Another issue that many people wonder about is money. What exactly is included in the price of the cruise package? Usually the package includes meals, sleeping arrangements, and passage. Everything else will have to be purchased per passenger such as drinks, tips, travel away from the ship, and other items. In many cases the cruise ships run off of a digital system which means that everything is billed to the passenger at the end of the trip.

Another common question about cruise ship vacations is whether or not the passengers have control over their schedules. This really depends on the type of trip. Some cruises are more regimented than others. Some ships only control meal times, while others have scheduled events, and even scheduled tours of the destination cities. If this concerns you then make sure to ask your travel agent about the ship’s schedule before deciding on which cruise to take.

What to wear on a cruise ship vacation often worries people. The best things to pack are clothes that match the climate that the ship will be sailing through. If the destination is a cold place, then pack sweaters and long sleeves. If the destination is in a warm climate, then shorts and tank tops are in order. Ask your travel agent what activities are offered on your cruise and you will be able to pack appropriate clothing from there. Most cruises also have evening activities, so packing something more formal is also a good idea.

There are many different types of cruises that focus on a specific hobby. It is a good idea to look at those kinds of cruises before deciding on which one to take. There are cruises that specialize in water parks, ice rinks, golf courses, rock climbing, swimming, gambling, and more. Each of these cruises offer something different for each person’s different likes and dislikes. Consider taking a specialized cruise if you are very interested in a particular hobby or activity. You can ask your travel agent if there are any cruises that offer the activity that you love best.

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Peru Vacation Packages

Author: Thomas Carroll
There are many different types of Peru vacation packages that cater to a wide variety of interests. Indeed, this is a necessity as Peru is a very diverse country and host to many ancient cultures and archaeological ruins. Peru is the only country that has the coast, desert, highlands, mountain ranges and jungles. It also has both the cordillera blanca and the cordillera negra (White and Black mountain ranges). The country has a rich ancient history with cultures like the Inca Empire, Moche, Nazca, Chachapoyas, Chavin, Paracas, Tiahuanaco, Wari, the Norte Chico Civilization and Chimu. There is even a theory that descendants of the Vikings live in Peru! There are also islands, catacombs, canyons, Spanish colonial structures, museums, lakes, Pisco Sour, the ayahuasca spirit vine, curanderos (healers) and traditional dances. Peruvian cuisine is becoming world-famous. Peru has some of the most diverse and delicious food the world has to offer. Peru has 35 varieties of maize (corn), 2,000 varieties of potatoes, over 2,000 varieties of sweet potatoes, 2,000 species of fish (more than any other country in the world), and probably the best lemon anywhere. Main Attractions Peru tourism can roughly be divided into two main circuits: the Northern Circuit and the Southern Circuit. The Southern Circuit is by far the most popular with tourists as it includes Peru's #1 site-seeing attraction - Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is in the Cuzco area. Other highlights in the Southern region are the Nazca Lines, Nazca; Colca Canyon, Arequipa; Lake Titicaca, Puno; the Sacred Valley, Cuzco; the Plaza de Armas, Sacsayhuaman and Koricancha, Cuzco City; the Inca Trail up to Machu Picchu; Choquequirao, a couple of days from Cuzco city; and Manu National Park near Cuzco. The Cuzco region is the archaeological capital of South America. The Northern Circuit is not as popular as it's Southern counterpart, yet offers spectacular scenery and marvelous ancient structures. Main attractions here are Caral, Barranca; Chavin de Huantar, Huaraz; Chan Chan and El Brujo Archaeological Complex, Trujillo; The Lord of Sipan, Chiclayo; the Pyramids of Tucume, Lambayeque; the Amazon Jungles, Iquitos; Kuelap, the Gocta Waterfall, the Gran Vilaya and Karajia, Chachapoyas. The Chachapoyas region in may actually have more archaeological ruins than the Cuzco region as it is still relatively unexplored. There are so many things to see in Peru that you may need to sign up for several Peru vacation packages! The Most Popular Peru Vacation Packages The main attractions are just the tip of the iceberg of what Peru has to offer. However, unless you have years of time available you'll need to choose a Peru vacation package that includes the primary things you want to see within your scheduled vacation time. The most popular Peru vacation packages head from Lima to the Nazca Lines, Lake Titicaca, then Cuzco. The Cuzco region is a must see. All main tour packages include at least a day trip to Machu Picchu. A Sacred Valley and City tour of Cuzco covers several sites. This takes about 7 days. If you have more time then you might consider a visit to Colca Canyon and Manu National Park. The second most popular package is a trip to the Amazon Jungles in Iquitos. These tours usually include meals and lodging, trips along Amazon rivers, jungle hikes, wildlife watching and visits to native towns. Minimum tour length is usually 3 days. There are tours that last for weeks, but the magic number here is 4 to 5 days. If ancient ruins are more your style and you have already seen the main attractions of the Southern Circuit, then a tour package based in Trujillo is an excellent alternative. From Trujillo tour packages go to Chan Chan, El Brujo, The Lord of Sipan, the Pyramids of Tucume and sometimes to Caral. Tour length is about 7 days. Unfortunately most Peru vacation packages don't include a trip to Kuelap because it is still fairly isolated. But if you have a few extra days Kuelap should be a must-see in the Northern Circuit. What Do You Want to See? Before you decide on a tour company you will want to make a must-see list based upon how long your vacation will last and the main region to visit. Pick a few of the sites that you will not do without. If there will be extra vacation time after visiting the places on your must-see list then you can add secondary things to see. Once you have your refined list in hand you can begin looking for the tour agency that offers you the perfect Peru vacation packages. There are so many types of tour packages available that you will probably find an excellent match without any difficulty. If in the unlikely case you don't find the ideal package ask the tour agency if they do custom tours. There are several agencies that are flexible to what you want, especially if you will be traveling in a group. Choosing the Right Tour Agency Contact a few travel agencies and speak with a travel agent. Let the travel agent know how much time you have, what you want to see and how much money you are willing to spend. Also be sure to mention if you will be traveling with others and ask about discount group rates. The travel agent will then be able to offer you Peru vacation packages that fit your needs. When you have the ideal package be sure to get the itinerary. You will also want other details on what is included: meals, lodging, transportation, free time and extra activities. Ask how much it will cost to make a reservation and what the agency's policy is if you have to cancel. Be sure to check into the travel agency's credibility. You want nothing less than excellent service. With the proper tour package fit to your desires you will have a wonderful time in Peru. Your vacation will be an experience that you will remember for a lifetime and you'll soon find yourself pondering a return trip.
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