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Golfing on the Beautiful Courses of Turkey

Author: Grahame Simpson

When we think of golf, probably Turkey is the last place that comes to our mind. But if you go back in history, you will find that golf has been around in Turkey since 1895.

As the number of people visiting Turkey has gone up dramatically in the last few years, golf architects have come up with the idea of designing some of the most excellent golf courses in the world.

One activity people enjoy during their vacation is playing golf and with tourism looking upwards in Turkey this is a wonderful way forward.

It has become difficult to choose where to play, as numerous world class golf courses have mushroomed in Turkey.

Turkey is situated on the Mediterranean, in the Anatolian region of West Asia. It is a small section of Mediterranean Europe alienated by the Turkish Straits. The country is a vivacious blend of the distant past and a dominating presence of the sea. Flowing from the Northwest through Istanbul, The Bosporus divides Europe from Asia as it merges with Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. This creates breathtaking panorama in the region. The magnificence of Turkey evokes unusual warmth that is soaked in timeless traditions and an aspiration to travel.

This exotic land, athwart with spectacular cloud covered mountains, breathtaking valleys, moorland and plateaus, is embossed with the permanent mark of the imprint of the Ottomans and Romans with the numerous gratuitous wars.

Turkey is a live museum with more antiquities than any other place. It will overwhelm you with numerous ruined temples, medieval castles and Islamic architecture. The region is inundated with ceramics, sculpture and sacred frescoes. They shape an exotic reflection of the culture and its people. You can see hooded women and mustachioed men going about their daily routine.

Markets here are bustling with fascinating products sold by the most hospitable populace this side of Ireland. The land has turned people into ingenious fishermen, farmers, weavers and businessmen. In fact Turkey is among the very few countries that have surplus production of crops.

Antalya is the most important city on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, and is also the centre of the Turkish Riviera. Around half an hour from Antalya airport, the golfers will discover an amazing golfing sanctuary with four outstanding courses and option of marvelous five star hotels designed along the Mediterranean Sea.

Belek is the budding golf center of Turkey. In fact while designing the layout the golf architects pay a lot of attention to the expectations and preferences of European golfers.

Belek is an ideal place for golf courses with its long stretch of sandy golden beaches and untouched natural attractions. It has the perfect ambience for an exceptional game of relaxed golf with a spirit of competition.

Belek is becoming a contemporary luxurious holiday spot as a paradise for golfers with its summer season lasting for almost 8 to 9 months. The climate is typically Mediterranean with dry and hot summers and moderate and wet winters.

The sunshine can be enjoyed from April to October and visitors will find winters extremely pleasant.

Belek is one of the most famous places for the tourism industry in Turkey and is home to a plethora of luxurious hotels, entertainment and other services. When you are in Belek don’t miss the magnificent Kur?unlu Waterfall which has more than hundred species of bird nesting around it, with an intriguing hidden cave at the back. There are a number of other historic spots including, Aspendos the ancient amphitheater, which can hold almost 15.000 spectators.

The golf courses at Gloria and the Nobilis in Belek have hosted Turkish Seniors Open and have the European Seniors qualifying school. The best thing about all this is that Turkey offers, simply outstanding value for money.

Playing on the brilliant golf courses in Turkey is an experience at par with the other courses in the world. In fact golf has helped enhance Turkey's appeal as a winter-sun holiday destination. A country which was almost a stranger to the game of golf at one time is on the way to becoming one of the top golfing destinations by the next decade drawing both holidaymakers and astute golfers from all over the world.

If you thought Turkey was only about history and beaches better think again it will amaze you.

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