Sunday, February 8, 2009

Legoland California and Explore Village is on the Path to Adventure

Author: Bronnie Vaughn

As you make your way from The Beginning and Dino Island at the Legoland California amusement park you and the kids will find yourself at Explore Village. There is a lot to do here and is the place where the younger children will find adventures and rides more suited to them. A good way to start the Explore Villageadventure is to take a ride down Fairy Tale Brook in a leaf shaped boat. Also, they will surely want to go on the African themed Safari Trek and see life sized Elephants, Lions, Giraffes, Zebras and other African animals, made entirely of Lego toy building bricks.

After the Safari Trek ride you’ll probably want to visit the Studio Store and pick up some souvenirs such as toys and t-shirts. You may want to pick up some spare batteries for your camera too! The kids are still ready to go but you may need a short break and want to get off you feet for little while. The perfect place for this would be the Playtown Theatre where you can watch the 25 minute musical presentation Journey to the Lost Temple. Unless you’re one of the 30 or more volunteers picked from the audience! From the theater it’s just a short way to the Ristorante Brickolini for a well deserved, and very tasty, meal. Brick fired pizza, pasta, salads, as well as kid and family meal combos and deals, are the specialties.

Now that you and the kids are fed and refreshed, it’s time to move on down the road to more adventures in Explore Village. Let the kids get a little wet at the Water Works where they can mix water with music at the Musical Fountain and play in the Rain Maker and on the Stomp and Spritz. Playtown is a great area for the youngsters as there are lots fun things to play on and explore. The Legoland Express has always been a favorite for the younger kids too. It’s a Lego train ride and is very reminiscent of the Lego toy trains.

You family has now made it through the first 3 areas of Legoland California; The Beginning, Dino Island, and Explore Village and you have plenty of adventures ahead of you. The next area you’ll be exploring is Fun Town and there is a lot of fun to be had there. You’ll want to spend some time in this popular area with it’s many fun and educational rides, attractions, and shows! The kids will be getting a Legoland Driver’s license, enrolling in the Fire Academy and going through the boating school. They will also become Legoland pilots in the Flight Squadron and Sky Patrol. There are many more fun attractions at Fun Town as well. Talk about adventure!

As we all know Legoland is not just about rides and adventures. There are areas set aside for the kids to just play and build with the famous Lego bricks and blocks. Master Lego Builders and Designers are always at work building bigger and better scenes for viewing. Legoland California is indeed the place for family fun and entertainment.

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