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A Quick Tour of Italy - Central Sardinia

If you are hankering for a tour of Europe, you should really consider the island of Sardinia, a region of southern Italy. Depending on your specific interests, this beautiful area can be an ideal vacation spot. You can get classic Italian food, and wash it down with fine local wine. Some parts of Sardinia remain undiscovered by tourists, while other sites are favorites of Italian and international jet setters and are priced accordingly. This article presents central Sardinia. Companion articles present northern Sardinia and southern Sardinia. Before we give you our itinerary you must realize that central Sardinia is hardly flatland. Sometimes to get from point A to point B you must pass by point C; the actual distance traveled may be much further than your initial estimate. Enjoy the trip, and drive carefully (or even better let the pros drive you.)
Italy by Bike

Su Nuraxi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the finest example of a 4000 year-old stone defensive structure called nuraghe found only in Sardinia. Nuraghe are typically shaped like a beehive, built with huge stone blocks, but without foundations or cement. Each mound contains one or more rooms and perhaps a courtyard and may be over sixty feet (twenty meters) high. Sardinia boasts over 8,000 nuraghe. Don't miss the ruins of the surrounding Bronze-Age village.

Giari di Gesturi is a 28 square mile (45 square kilometer) basalt plateau. It's home to dwarf wild horses and wild sheep whose beautiful curved horns made them an endangered species. Make sure to see these magnificent animals while there is still time.
30 Days in Italy

Nuoro overlooks the mountains. This is the real Sardinia, not the coastal resorts. Natives feel a special pride that foreigners have never conquered them. Traditions are very much part of the local daily life and the numerous village festivals.
Florence, Venice, & the Towns of Italy

Nuoro is proud of its captivating landscapes, walking and riding paths along old shepherd's trails, and extravagantly romantic places with rare species of birds. Archaeological finds and fascinating folklore and legends abound. Yet this city is no intellectual wasteland. It is called "the Sardinian Athens" because of its large number of poets, writers, and intellectuals including Grazia Deledda, the second woman to win a Nobel Prize for Literature (1926), born and raised in Nuoro.

There are well over 500 types of bread in Sardinia, one for each village. The most famous is the pani carasau that resembles thin pita. The Vernaccia di Oristano DOC wine is produced in a small area near the city of Oristano from a local white grape of that name. According to legend the vines come from the tears of Santa Giusta, patroness of Oristano and the wine helps fight malaria.
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A City in Central Germany

Author: Andrew Hammersley

Wiesbaden, a city in central Germany, is the capital of the state of Hesse since 1946. The city suffered relatively little destruction in the Second World War. Only one third of the city was destroyed. The city offers an attractive ambience as the Gateway to the Rhine Valley and as a link to the romantic Rhine landscape.

The Altstadt the Old Town of Wiesbaden, used to be encircled by a city wall, sprawls between Webergasse, Langgasse and Kirchgasse, Friedrichstrasse and Wilhelmstrasse. Narrow, twisting alleys are lined with houses dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Nerobergbahn is a funicular railway in the city From the top of this hill it is possible to view a panorama of the city. The line opened in 1888, and is one of the few remaining funiculars to retain water propulsion. The railway route is up the mountain which is 440m long and takes 25 percent climb in its stride.

Wiesbaden is also a major cultural centre. Every spring it plays host to the International May Festival of music, dance, and drama. The beauty at night, is when the water reflects the lights of the spa and the huge fountains are lit.

Wiesbaden is famous for its thermal springs and spa. Kochbrunnen is a hot 66c fountain that gushes out of the ground. The spring bathing business became important for Wiesbaden near the end of the Middle Ages. There are two main bath locations in Wiesbaden. You can also find this thermal water springing up from the ground and see locals that come everyday to drink.

Wiesbaden is home to some antique shops. There is an antiques quarter. Wilhelmstrasse is in the heart of the town and it is here you find upmarket shopping.
Palace Square is a traditional market which is held on a Wednesdays and Saturdays and you can pick up local produce and household items.

There are thousands of possible choices of places to go out to and enjoy yourself whether it is a specialist restaurant, a pub on the scene or bar, a disco or wine bar, there is some thing going on every where.

The casino was opened in 1771 by the Earl of Nassau-Usingen. This casino is very elegant and would be the proper setting for any James Bond film. Today the main room of the Casino is one of its most beautiful filigree woodcarvings, golden friezes, precious woods and crystal chandeliers.

About the Author:

Andrew is a freelance travel writer with Islas Travel Guide

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Going to Australasia? 10 Places You Have to See

Going to Australasia? 10 Places You Have to See

Author: David R HUghes

The regions that come within Australasia are Australia, New Zealand and several small islands in the south of the Pacific. Some of the islands that come under the Australasian territory are Fiji, Solomon Islands, Cook Island, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Tahiti and several others.
The greatest attraction in the region is the AMP Tower Centrepoint, which is the tower located in the centre of Sydney and is also the tallest building in the city. From the tower, a great view of the city can be taken. Fraser Island is another place that needs to be visited. It is located in Queensland and is considered to be the largest sand island of the world. Another attraction at the island is the wreck of the Maheno ship, which is rusting. The island has natural beauty that is stunning and also has great creeks.

The Great Barrier Reef is another place that one ought to visit. It is a marine protected area and is the largest of its nature in the world. It has more than 1500 different species of marine animals. The area also has many shipwrecks and other archaeological sites. It is also the largest coral reef system in the world, and produces more than four hundred types of coral, all distinct from each another.

For people who love art, a great attraction is the National Gallery of Australia, which has more than 100,000 pieces of art by indigenous artists around the world. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is another great attraction in Sydney, as it is a man made structure and is considered to one of the most recognisable attractions. Those of you who seek adventure can also do Bridge climbing, which is a walk up the fifty storeys of the bridge (with guidance). The Sydney Opera House has become a recognisable icon for the city as well, and Australia as a whole is a place worth visiting and it is considered to be amongst the busiest performing arts centres all around the world.

Aoraki Mount Cook, which is the highest mountain in New Zealand, is the ultimate spot for people who want to have some adventure during their holiday trip, and who want to ‘pierce the clouds’, as the name of the mountain means “Cloud Piercer”.

Te Papa, which is the national museum of New Zealand, is also very interesting and one can gain a lot of insight related to the culture, art, history and the natural environment of the country. Another great place to visit in Australasia is the Sky City Tower. The tower is in the Sky City Entertainment Complex. The complex itself is worth seeing and besides the Sky City Tower; it has the Sky City Casino, Sky City Hotel and Sky City Theatre, along with conference centres and restaurants. Another great place to visit during your trip is Tongariro National Park which was actually a gift to Queen Victoria.

Other places in Australasia that are worth seeing are Port Arthur, Uluru Katu Tjutu National Park, and the Fiordland National Park.

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For Luxury Holidays in Australia try the Four Seasons Sydney Hotel

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Top 10 Restaurants in the Caribbean

Top 10 Restaurants in the Caribbean

Author: David R HUghes

The Caribbean islands are a chain of islands and a great tourist resort. It would be pretty difficult to try and describe all the best restaurants that are spread over all the islands, as there are so many great places to wine and dine in this part of the world. Because of the different cultural backgrounds of the people that inhibit the Caribbean Islands, there is an exotic variety of food also that is served in the different restaurants in this place.

Starting at Barbados, Fisherpond Great House is run by a husband and wife team, who have restored an old plantation home into one of the finest restaurants in Barbados. There is a lovely buffet lunch that is served every Sunday. This restaurant is rated the very best in serving traditional Barbadian food. The Champers wine bar and restaurant is great place to spend an evening in, relaxing over drinks and enjoying food from an extensive menu list. The food is made from delicious fresh products and is pleasing to the palette. The portions are also quite extensive.

In the Cayman Islands, the top restaurants to dine in would be Hemingway's, which is located in the heart of Seven Mile Beach, and serves some of the best seafood that one could yearn for. Brassiere continues to be one of the top rated restaurants in the Cayman Islands and they have a passion for food. Imagine dining on a seven spice breast of duck with pineapple glaze. Ristorante Pappagallo is ideally suited for those who want to taste some of the best Italian food served with a Caribbean flare, and is located on the shore of a bird sanctuary.

In Anguilla, the Blanchard's is definitely the best restaurant to dine in. Although the atmosphere maybe casual, the food is not - and there is a wide choice, from Californian to Asian food, on the menu. In Antigua, the Pavilion is the place to dine at. Located on the edge of a cricket field the restaurant resembles a 19th century plantation house. The wine cellar is well stocked and the menu choices delectable.

On Paradise Island, the café Martinique name will sound familiar to James Bond fans as it is from the famous Thunderball novel. The restaurant has a classic 30s look and air, and the menu is unmistakably French. In Jamaica the top restaurant to visit would be the Dining Room and Round Hill Restaurant, located at the posh Round Hill Hotel and Villas. The classy bar has been designed by Ralph Lauren and dinner is served on an open deck. In case of rain, dinner is served in the Georgian hall. Traditional Jamaican food along with an international cuisine is served here. In New Providence Island the top dining place is the Dune. Breakfast and lunch are casual, but they pull out all stops at dinner. The interior is definitely sophisticated and the menu very creative. In St. Lucia the place to dine in is the Dasheene. With live music and freshly grown organic produce, and steak influenced by the Caribbean, it is worth trying. In Tortola, Brandywine is the place to spend a lovely evening wining and dining, which would be unforgettable.

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For Luxury Holidays in Barbados try the Sandy Lane Hotel

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First Timers Tips For Those Going To Disney World Tour

Disneyland has grown. Through the years, it has expanded to 4 theme parks in the US with one in Europe and two in Asia. Wherever you go, you are likely to enjoy your experience. For those who have never been before, here are some first timer tips.

If Disneyland is far from where you live, it is a good idea to start planning for this trip months in advance. Should this trip bring you to either California or Florida, be sure to come during the winter because it is pretty hot in both places during the summer.

It wouldn't hurt to access Disney's website at to find out the current ticket prices, the rate at the Disney resort hotel, ongoing and upcoming special events so you know which rides and shows are suitable for your kids. Although you can get a map at the entrance, you can download and print this from their website as well as make your lodging reservations.

First timers can buy the one day one park admissions. But given that the price is not that far from the premium annual pass, you can buy the annual pass which will allow you to return next year without having to pay the admission. This may get you a hotel at a discounted rate.

In case you don't have access to the web, you can get a brochure or look at bulletin board once you get there to see what time the shows are especially the fireworks, which attractions are undergoing maintenance, if there are any parades and who will take part in the live entertainment.

Whatever you do, keep 4 things in mind when you are here on vacation the crowd, the heat, the peak hours and the special events so you can maximize this trip to its fullest. If you find the Disney hotel rates a bit expensive, rent a car and stay in a hotel a few miles away as this will allow you to get there early.

First timers who have been to Disneyland are likely to come back in the future. Important items not to forget to bring aside from your plane tickets include your camera, pair of sunglasses and sunscreen. This will allow you to take pictures or even videos which you can watch over again while keeping your skin protected from the sun's rays.

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Tips for Traveling to China

Climate in China

China has continental and seasonal climates. Most parts are within the temperate zone but the southern areas have the tropical or subtropical climates while the northern regions fall in the Frigid Zone. Climates in different regions can be complicated. For instance,

Heilongjiang Province in the north has a long winter and virtually no summer, while Hainan Island in the south enjoys summer sunshine all year long.

The following are general suggestions for tourists to consider when preparing clothing for their trips to the destinations in China with average climate conditions.

Spring: 10 to 22 degree Celsius, suits, jackets, sports jackets, woolen jackets, long sleeve shirts and walking shoes.

Summer: 22 degree Celsius and above, T-shirts, short sleeve shirts, skirts, sandals, caps, rain wears.

Autumn: 10 to 22 degree Celsius, suits, jackets, sports coats, light woolen sweaters, rain wears and travel shoes.

Winter: 10 degree Celsius or lower, overcoat, cotton clothes, lined coats. In those extremely cold areas, caps, gloves and cotton-padded shoes are highly recommended to wear.

Tourist can visit China in all four seasons as major tourist cities and attractions are located in widespread regions with different climate conditions. Determining where is the best place to go in China in terms of weather largely depends on when you wish to go in a year. Geographically China to certain extent is in resemblance of the United States.

Traveling along the so called “golden route”, i.e., Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and Guilin, is just like visiting New York, Chicago, Santa Fe and Jacksonville all in one trip.

April, May, September and October are the peak tourist months at China’s most popular destinations when the weather is the most comfortable. Costs of the trip to China drop significant during the non-peak seasons that run from November through March and from June through August. However, China’s Hainan Island is one of the hot tourist spots in winter, where you can escape from undesirable cold weathers. Harbin city in the far north, with its famous ice lantern festivals, has also attracted many tourists in the winter.

Visa Requirement for Traveling to China

According to the Law of the People's Republic of China Concerning the Administration of Foreigners Entering and Leaving the Country, foreign tourists must apply for visas at China's foreign affairs offices, consulates or other organizations authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A group of five tourists or more can apply for a group tourist visa. This is usually handled by the travel agency that organized the group. Travelers from the countries that have visa agreements with China will be treated in accordance with the agreements. If you plan to visit Tibet, you can apply for a visa only with a permit issued by the Tourism Administration of the Tibet Autonomous Region or any one of its foreign representative offices.

A passport is required for visa application; the passport shall be valid for at least 6 months beyond the duration of the tour.

Visa is required for all Canadians, Americans and the citizens of most other nationalities when traveling to China. You can apply for the Chinese visa directly at the Chinese Embassies and Consulate Generals around the world.

For Canadian and US passport holders as well as the traveler for most of the European countries, visa is not required for entering Hong Kong if the stay is less than ninety days. For traveler from other countries or regions, please consult with your nearest PRC embassy or consulate.

How to make phone calls in China

Inside most towns and cities in China, IDD services are usually provided at all hotels and post offices. Phone cards are available in post offices inside hotels or on the streets. More conveniently, most newsstands in major cities also carry phone cards. Telephone booths on the streets or in the public areas are mostly for making local calls.

If you plan to stay in China for an extended period of time and need to use telephone rather frequently, it is recommended to purchase a local cellular phone with a rechargeable SIMM card. Although the cellular phone that you use at home most likely can be used in China, the international roaming services are extremely expensive, ranging between USD two to three dollars per minute depending on the service provider. It is very easy to buy a cellular phone; setting up the mobile services only takes couple minutes. There are various low rate international calling cards available for using with the Chinese cellular phones. Talk to an attendant at the hotel you are staying, they will be able to direct you to a right place where you can buy a cellular phone and have the local cellular services set up.

Most tourist hotels provide postal services. If you want to send important items such as antiques and cultural relics that are under customs control, you will have to ask for the help of the local branch of the international post office, instead of the small post office in a hotel.

Important phone numbers in China 110--Police 112--Inner-city telephone mishaps 113--Operator of domestic long-distance calls 114--Inner-city telephone number inquiries 115--Operator of international long-distance calls 116--Information on domestic long-distance calls 117--Time 119--Fire 120--Ambulance 121--Weather forecasts

Dining Tips for Traveling in China

About Chinese Food

Dining might be an important part of the journey for some tourists. There are abundant delicious foods and drinks in China that may give you artistic impressions. Chinese cuisines have gained high reputations worldwide and in part represent the magnificent Chinese culture evolved during nearly five thousand year long glorious history. The staple foods in China are rice and wheat. Millet, corn, buckwheat, potato, sweet potato and many other types of legumes are also common. Apart from rice, wheaten food like steamed bread, noodles, deep-fried twisted dough sticks, steamed stuffed buns, as well as various gruels, cakes and snacks with special local flavors always make the dining table rich and colorful.

China is a big country with a vast territory abounding in natural resources. In different regions of China, people's life styles, custom, economic situations and cultural backgrounds all vary. The diversified focal flavors along with different but equally superb cooking techniques have formed eight famous yet traditional Chinese Cuisines, namely Shandong, Sichuan, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hunan and Anhui, each of which has its own features.

You can enjoy the delicious Chinese food not only in superior restaurants with well appointed facilities and quality service, but also in ordinary eateries that are much more cost effective but still serve delicious food. Many appetizing local snacks are sold at the roadside eateries, night markets or street restaurants that can be easily found in China. Costs of dining vary significantly, all depending on where you are going. However, no matter where you go for dining, you must pay special attentions to the aspects of health, sanitation and safety.

Western style foods can be found easily in the major cities of China. Most tourist hotels also have restaurants serving the western food. In addition, various fast-food outlets like McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut, which is very popular among Chinese people, could help the tourists who can not get used to the Chinese food.

Dining situations in remote areas can be quite different and may not as desirable as in large cities. Especially in the regions where the minority ethnic groups are residing, there are not many dining choices other than what represent their local eating habits. So you may want to get prepared before traveling to those regions.

The drinking water situation in China is different from that in most western countries. Tap water in China is undrinkable. However, there are several approaches that you can gain access to safe and healthy drinking water. You can use water heater or coffee maker to get water boiled before drinking. Almost all of the tourist hotels now provide in-room water heaters or coffee makers. You may get drinkable water from water dispensers that can be located in many offices, reception rooms and other public areas. The safest way to access the drinking water is to buy spring water from a nearby supermarket. Spring water does not cost too much at supermarkets, typically ranging between one to three yuan. The most reputable spring water brands include Wahaha, Nestle and Nongfu Mountain Spring. Some imported name brand spring water is also available in many supermarkets.

Eat Healthy in China

Many foods can not be eaten together as they will reduce the microelements needed by your internal secretion and the absorption of vitamin C. For example, copper is an important element necessary for absorptions of calcium, iron and fat metabolism. The meats and vegetables that contain abundant copper include liver, spinach and fish. Mixing them with any Kom-rich food such as tomatoes and green beans will significantly reduce extractions of the copper.

Eat what is easy to swallow Consumption of beef and white spirits is likely to cause inflammation

Avoid food combinations that affect calcium absorption Calcium is a major component of teeth and bones. Most milks and Hapi contain lots of calcium. They are not recommended to be consumed with any foods that are rich in oxalic acid, such as soybeans, spinach and Chinese chives.

Do not eat shallots with tofu Stir fried shallot and tofu one was a traditional and tasty dish in China, especially in summer. However, this mixture has been proven to be problematic, because tofu contains rich calcium, and shallot contains a significant amount of oxalic acid. Once two elements are mixed, a special type of chemical will be formed to affect absorptions of the calcium.

Avoid mixing fresh mutton with vinegar Fresh mutton is excellent for vital energy and will cure some deficiencies while vinegar contains protein, sugar, vitamins and acetic acid. However, if those two items are mixed together, the useful functions of both will be lost.

Caution, wine may affect the absorption of vitamins Any drinks containing alcohol will interfere with the body's absorption of various vitamins. Therefore, drinking alcoholic beverages is recommended when your body is in need of additional vitamins. On the other hand, do not drink wine or liquor while taking vitamin supplements.

About Chinese Language

Chinese, also being called Mandarin, is the language used by Han people, the majority ethnic group in China. It is also the official language of China. Over billion people, or ninety percent of China’s total population, speak Mandarin. Other than Mandarin, a number of regional languages such as Tibetan, Mongolian, Lolo, Miao and Tai, are spoken by people from the ethnic minority groups in China.

Chinese or Mandarin belongs to the family of Sino-Tibetan languages. Besides core differences in vocabularies and pronunciations, Chinese has several unique features that distinguish itself from most Western languages: it is monosyllabic; it has very little inflection; and it is tonal. In order to differentiate meanings between the words that are similar in pronunciation, a tonal language assigns to its words a distinctive pitch, high or low, rising or falling.

Oral Chinese has many regional variants, referring to different dialects. As a matter of fact, Mandarin is the official and most popular dialect of Chinese. Many call it “standard Chinese”. Most people in China can at lease understand Mandarin. On the other hand, most Chinese dialects are mutually intelligible.

In as early as the 17th century, the Imperial government of the Qing Dynasty had seen the necessity of establishing an official national language. So it set up a series of language institutes teaching and promoting standard Peking pronunciation, particularly in the Cantonese and Fukienese-speaking southern provinces. But their efforts somehow failed.

The concept of a national language was actually introduced in 1913, when then Ministry of Education convened the Commission for Pronunciation Unification to establish a set of Chinese language pronunciation standards.
China by Bike: Taiwan, Hong Kong, China''s East Coast

After several attempts of using the roman alphabetic letters to spell out the written Chinese, a 58-symbol writing system was finally adopted in 1958. The main purpose of introducing such a system was to promote the standardization of the Chinese language and to facilitate the learning of Chinese characters.

In the present time, a simplified writing system is being used in mainland China, whereas in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the overseas regions, the traditional Chinese scripts still dominate. The simplified writing system differs in two ways from the traditional writing system: a reduction in number of the strokes per character; and a decrease in character sets for common use.

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Traveling to and Around Barcelona.


The cosmopolitan city of Barcelona is the capital of Catalunya which is situated in the North Eastern corner of Spain. It is a coastal city situated on the Mediterranean sea and it enjoys a pleasant warm climate all year round which helps to keep the 4 kilometers of beach busy, the largest city beach in Europe. Being the capital of Catalunya, Catalan is widely spoken as it is the official language of Barcelona, but speakers of Spanish have no need to worry as both are spoken and understood by practically everyone.
For the traveler who wishes to fly to Barcelona it has never been easier, as the city is served by two major airports, Barcelona Girona Airport (also called Girona Costa Brava Airport) in the North, which is approximately 103 kilometers from the city and Barcelona International airport, 13 kilometers from the city centre. Both airports are served by an excellent bus shuttle service and travel times are 40 minutes from the international airport and around 1 hour and 10 minutes from Girona Airport, there is a train service from the International airport that takes you to the very heart of the city and that runs every 30 minutes and it takes only 15 minutes, unfortunately if you wish to travel by train from Girona you will first have to go to the city station in Girona which will actually lengthen your journey time. Of course, the other option is taxi, which is much more convenient, especially if traveling with a lot of luggage, but it can also be on the pricey side, especially if traveling from Girona, where you can expect to pay in the region of 120 euros for a one way trip. My advice would be to travel by bus from Girona and train or taxi from the International airport.
Cadogan Guides: Madrid Seville Barcelona

Once in Barcelona the easiest, quickest and safest way to get around the city is the excellent metro system, revamped and improved before the olympics, that were held in the city in 1992. You can purchase tickets that allow you unlimited travel throughout the city very cheaply. If you prefer to stay above ground there are many open top bus services that follow regular site seeing routes. These are excellent as all the operators run circular routes meaning that the next bus is never more than forty minutes away, they are a bit more expensive than using the metro but you will be able to top up your tan whilst traveling around the city. You can purchase a one, two or three day tickets that offer a jump on jump off service allowing you to be as spontaneous or as organized as you want with regards to visiting the cites many attractions.

If you are considering driving, the uninitiated should expect to have nothing short of minor heart or panic attacks on a regular basis as the city streets are extremely busy with traffic that seems to travel at frighteningly quick speeds when the flow allows (city traffic jams are a regular occurrence) and the average barca driver has no, or at least, very little patience with dithering tourists as a constant barrage of horns gives the city the characteristic backdrop of sound, often associated with major Spanish cities.

Whichever way you decide to travel to and around Barcelona, this beautiful and bustling city will always leave you wanting to come back to visit again and again.
Maverick Guide to Barcelona

A Sampling of Private Morocco Tours

While private tours in Morocco can range from one or two days in a quick jaunt through a few particular cities that will cost you just over a hundred Euro, to the longer fifteen-day journeys that will cost you in the fifteen-hundred Euro range, there are no shortages of private guides for hire in Morocco. These tours range significantly in exactly how much time you will spend traveling and exploring, but with research and careful planning, a traveler can find a private tour guide who can translate and even help you get from your airport to your hotel.

Many private guides are aware that their services are more personal than just the average public tour that tends to be whirlwind and impersonal. Many of the reliable guides are able to speak a few languages, most notably English, French, Arabic, and often times other European languages such as Spanish and Italian. As a private guide would tell you, the French have long had a presence in the Moroccan culture, so finding a bilingual guide is often standard.

With knowing that the guides are there to cater to your needs for this tour, you, as the traveler, now have a very wide range of what kind of tour you would like. While one tour may be an overnight that lets you see Tangier, then Chefchaouen, others may have Tangier and Chefchaouen as simply two stops on their longer, fifteen day journey to show you everything about the Moroccan culture.

Morocco Itineraries: A Sample

For some of the longer itineraries, a sample of these trips might start you in Tangier for the first day, allowing you to enjoy the actual culture of the people and the local cuisine while you move through the newer parts of the city, and the older, walled Medina. From there, your second day can easily be a trip to Chefchaouen that is further into the Rif Mountains, which is known for its fantastic scenery. Most private tours have something for everyone, and the Mountains are steeped in history and views that catch anyone’s eye.

Even with longer private tours, you are still trying to put as much of a country as possible into fifteen days, so most often the third day would be a quick jaunt from Chefchaouen to Volubilis, which are amazing ancient Roman ruins hidden in the countryside now. From there, no trip to Morocco would be complete without arriving in Fez, which is the single oldest of Morocco’s imperial cities. Many guides will take pause here and take travelers throughout the historical and more tourist districts of the city to give patrons a full experience.

From there, depending on the guide, you might be able to spend a little more to hop onto a camel and actually take a journey into the Sahara desert. While that may seem unpleasant, a guide will most likely set this trip for the afternoon, then taking the trip into the evening and nighttime so that one can see the clear stars in the Sahara, as well as stopping at a Berber camp where local food can be had, and local sport – dune boarding, among others.

A common campsite for many guides during the trip through the Sahara lies at the Todra Gorge, an intimidating gorge that separates the Jbel Sahro and the Atlas mountains. An area truly one for contemplation, if you can find a tour guide who puts this on the itinerary, you are in for a treat.

Afterwards, Marrakech is a logical choice after the gorge, and with its absolutely stunning culture and architecture, one would be hard-pressed to miss this site. With an entire city in a reddish-brown hue, the night life opens up to acrobats, magicians and entertainment that will keep you on your toes.

From there, the Morocco tour could probably split off for any number of ways, from Essaouira, to El-Jadida, Asilah, or maybe even taking you back to Tangier. It all depends on the private guide, but tours vary significantly, so you never can say that one particular tour will be like all others.

A private tour through Morocco can help you see much more of the country on a more personal level with a local guide who knows the ins and outs of the areas. With a wide range of different places that you can travel to, there is no limit to just what you can find.

Made In Morocco

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Visiting Las Vegas

Delight Nevada’s neon city of infinite, bursting, and twinkling lights. Las Vegas is considered a charmed city of excitement, bliss, mystery, and grandeur. Each street and corner owns a labyrinth to investigate, each structure and edifice is a creative masterwork of lavishness, and each activity and experience becomes a life memory.

The city aimed to be the Amusement Capital on the planet, and Amusement Capital of the planet it became. Numerous international and local travelers fly to this city annually to experience its irresistible grandeur, drink and eat lavishly, unwind in the coziest spots, gamble and play unless they cover themselves with debt, plays and adult shows, watch circus, and eventually escape from the loads of their everyday lives.
The Shopping Concierge Las Vegas: Your Personal Guide to Great Shopping on the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas brings persons within the nearness of their wildest thoughts. Maybe its subject of charm comes from its history, a city, which suddenly appeared from the womb of the hot heat of the southern part of Nevada desert. At the end of 20s of the previous century, Hoover Dam was created that side of the desert, taking with it numerous flocks of workers and residents whose form of holiday in the dull land was gambling. In the following twenty years, gambling was glamorized, formalized, and diversified.

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Travel Bug - An Oasis in Sahara

The year was 1985. US had just carried out air strikes in Tripoli, the capital of Libya. Gaddafi had survived but there were rumours that one of his infant child had been killed. Gaddafi moved from one tent house to another in the desert in the dead of the night.

It was the time we had to go to Libya. My father was a surgeon in one of the provices there. The southern province, the capital of which is Sebha, is deep in the Libyan desert. Sebha is an Oasis. The first view of Sebha from the sky is something that has remained etched in my memory till date. An oasis of green in the midst of miles and miles of desert. I remember getting the impression that if the desert so decided, it could engulf the small city in one massive gust of sandy swirl. The city was encircled by rings of date palms which kept out the desert.

But more surprises were in store for us when we landed. Nothing had prepared me for the sheer modern-ness of the city. Clean wide expressways, with scores of new cars of all modern makes, a squeaky clean modern hospital, a beautiful stadium for the soccer mad town, etc. I never remotely expected to find it in the middle of the libyan desert! Not only were the roads a delight, the hotel where we stayed was most modern. And from the ninth floor (where we put up) one could see the palms that encricled the town and glimpses of the dunes of the desert beyond!

That was not the end of the surprises the small town casually tossed at us! What would you expect to find in a city in the middle of a desert ruled by a dictator in the Arabic world? Definitely not modern Arabic women (yes many jean clad girls going to college too!) with burkha only if they so desired. I even saw some ladies driving! And there seemed to be complete harmony between the black and white Arabs too. I really dont know what I expected after reading our culturally blind magazines and books so full of stereotypes, but I somehow expected the Blacks to be clad in rags and universally poor (I am just stating what myopic knowledge I had at 14 years of age!)...instead they were always well dressed, polite and educated!

The town of Sebha was where Colonel Qadaffi was born. So we were shown the hovel where he spent his youth, well preserved and in sharp contrast to the surroundings (yes it was a small mud house in a true concrete jungle, as if shouting - look this is the progress i have made for my country!). The town was football crazy..and there were plenty of street teams. But we never faced any problem moving around on the beautiful sidewalks, which is more than what I can say for the streets of New Delhi! The only signs of desert were on the outskirts of the city, where there were some mud houses and herds of camel (I guess this is what I had expected to find originally!)

Gadaffi was everywhere, smiling from billboards, parks, squares, stadiums...There was only one TV channel and it doesnt need brains to know what it showed! The supreme commander! He was on tractors in a farmland, or sailing, or on a motorbike, or jumping from a parachute or more importantly holding court...always smiling as if saying I am all yours!
Sahara: The Extraordinary History Of The World''s Largest Desert

I really dont know what is happening in Libya now. But old friends of my parents say it faced a lot of hard times because of almost a decade of embargo. Gaddafi is a much mellowed man (not that the world cares how he treats his subjects as long as there is no problem with the oil supply at low prices!) and the cities have somewhat lost their sheen. But whatever may have happened its difficult to forget the warmth showed by the locals in my short couple of months stay there.

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This article was written by a member of Xomba . Read more of their work here

5 Places NOT To Go To For Vacation

18 Some vacations aren't as good as they are made out to be; maybe it's a case of false advertising or maybe the locals just take advantage of you just because you have "tourist" stamped on your forehead. Or maybe your luggage arrived from the airport a day or two after you did? In any case, it's hard to pinpoint the worst vacation destinations without taking into consideration all the things that can happen. Most disappointing vacations can usually be prevented.

To keep you from making a bad choice twice we are going to give you our list of the top five bad vacations.

1. A lot of popular vacation spots in the United States are suffering from unhealthy smog levels. Ozone smog exposure has a cumulative long term effect on your body especially in the elderly and in children.Believe it or not these popular holiday hot spots have high ozone smog: Cape Cod National Sea Shore, Boston, Maine's Acadia National Park, Philadelphia, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Maryland's Eastern Shore, Washington D.C., Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Indianapolis, and Lake Michigan, Pennsylvania (including the Amish farmland and the city of Lancaster).

2. Orlando looks beautiful when you are looking at brochures like the ones for the Nickelodeon Family Suites, but once you have arrived you have to spend hours standing in line just to check in and to top it off, when you do finally get to the desk clerk your room probably won't be ready. Now, you get to your room and half the stuff in your room is dirty and the microwave doesn't work and the remote for the TV is missing. So you call down to the desk to report the problems which they assure you will be taken care of. While you are waiting you decide you will go down to the pool to distress but when you get there its so crowded you can't even sit down. I've seen better accommodations at a Motel 6.

3. Intercontinental Hotel and Conference Center in
Cleveland, Ohio. Beware: The bed bugs really do bite!

4. New Orleans, Louisiana. Even before the terrible tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has been one of the hottest spots in the country, despite the fact that they have one of the country's highest crime and murder rates. It will be a long time before it is back in condition to accept visitors, though I think it will be a different city once it is rebuilt.
A Guide to the Historic Shops & Restaurants Of New Orleans

5. Iraq. Self-explanatory. You can travel to the most wonderful vacation destination in the world and have things go wrong. Get complete details in writing about your vacation arrangements prior to making a payment. These details should include the total cost, including taxes, service fees, surcharges, port charges; including the terms and conditions, restrictions and cancellation penalties.
Iraq Outside Looking In

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Gregg Hall is a marketing consultant to many online businesses. See who he recommends luggage and travel accessories

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Vacation Home Swaps - Are They Right For You?

Many people have discovered the option of the vacation rental of homes or condos as an interesting alternative to the conventional idea of renting a room or suite at a hotel, motel or resort. When you opt for a vacation rental, you frequently get more space than what you would by renting a room, more privacy, and to "make the space your own" for a brief time.

One variation on this theme was the basis of the recent movie, "The Holiday", staring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. Cameron is a "full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes" producer of blockbuster film trailers who just broke up with her boyfriend. Kate is a shy reporter living in Surrey County, England, who writes a society column about weddings and finds her boyfriend got engaged to another girl at the London newspaper where three worked. Cameron want to get out of LA, Kate wants to go anywhere at all, so long as it was far from London. The Internet brings them together and they exchange houses for two weeks.

As with regular vacation rental deals, there are many websites which list exactly this kind of opportunity. Of course, you have to have a home to exchange, and no one can promise you will meet the love of your life while living in the exchange housing, but it is an really interesting opportunity to do something really different on your next vacation. Sometimes people also exchange cars as part of the deal.

Depending on where you shop for home exchanges for your next vacation, you can find swaps available in most any location around the world - one home exchange website has homes listed from as many as 75 countries. Many homes are offered the U.S., plus Mexico and the Caribbean. These kinds of exchanges are a bit different from a vacation rental, because there are normally done on at "no cost to either party" basis - you get free use of someone's house in exchange for giving them free use of your own house. In order to view detailed information about available homes, you will need to become a member of the home exchange network and post your house for exchange.

Arranging this kind of vacation swap is a lot tricker than just renting, because both parties have to want to go to the other location, at the same time, and for the same duration. And, you also have to be convinced that you want to live in their house while they have to want to live in yours.

In the movie, the LA site was a big, lavish, high tech California home while the Suffolk site was a remote, quaint, old English cottage. But the situation fit the needs of both parties. So it must be with you to make an exchange work successfully.

Home exchange services have been available since at least the early 1950's, so this is not something brought to the world by the invention of the Internet. Home exchange programs typically only show potential homes to registered members, who have filled out the requisite information requested by the home exchange program. This is done in part to enable the home exchange service to collect your information and to share it with others, but frequently, the information is also gathered to protect both parties from potential damages, brought by irresponsible home swappers. Detailed home information and pictures also kept only behind a membership website, in order to prevent criminals from browsing the home information anonymously.

Some websites also allow the listing of campers, RV's or yachts. Do you have a yacht in the harbor at Miami, but where you really want to be is Bora-Bora? You might find a ship's captain anchored in Bora-Bora who desires to swap boats for a week or four.

Exchanges of his kind are usually for at least one week, but may be for longer - maybe a month, maybe a year, whatever both parties can agree to do. This kind of arrangement really is based on the principal that both parties are willing to trust the other with their home, and are willing to take good care of the other's house and property. There are some good people in this world, and that's the kind of people that the home exchange websites are hoping to bring together.

The process of such an arrangement first involves searching listings until you find a location you are interested in visiting, where there is another person who is interested in coming to where your house resides (That is unless you are working on that RV or yacht option). Next you establish a dialog with the owner about the exchange. Cameron Diaz was able to conclude her first home exchange arrangement via the Internet, in a matter of minutes the night before she boarded a plane for London. That kind of thing may happen in movies, but you should expect that it will take a lot longer to arrange your own home exchange vacation.

A homeowner may have restrictions regarding the use of their home. Perhaps they allow smoking, perhaps not. They may accept children or pets, they may not. These are all details that the parties have to work out with one another. You also need to think about information your house guest might need in the case of emergencies (plumber, electrician, etc.) or you might want to suggest the name of a babysitter if your guests include smaller size persons in their vacation party.

Other issues you need to consider are the terms of your homeowners insurance, automobile insurance, yacht insurance, etc., depending on the scope and nature of the arrangement. You don't want to find out your insurance became void because you let someone else live in your house. You should also ask appropriate questions about the same issues with you living in the other house, just in case something unforeseen happens.

A house exchange could be a very interesting adventure. You probably won't meet Cameron Diaz or Kate Winslet, but you might have a very good time.

Vacation home exchanges are an idea that many people will consider an excellent option to renting a hotel room in a distant city, but if the home exchange concept is a little risque for you, then consider visiting the website shown below, where we provide listings to vacation home "rentals" around the country and around the world.

Visit The Author's Website:

Jeb Maxwell got involved in vacation rental homes by accident, when he bought a new house, but was unable to sell his old house. While facing two house payments (, Jeb heard about the vacation rental by owner and realized that vacationers would be happy to rent his home for a week or weekend. Locate vacation rentals, organized by city & state at: Jeb's articles also appear at:

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A Romantic Getaway on Cat Island in the Bahamas

If you want a romantic getaway in the Bahamas, or just to recharge your batteries, then try the Pigeon Cay Beach Club on Cat Island.

As a romantic getaway, a deserted beach, a small hotel style beach club, with blue sea and white sands sounds just about perfect. In fact the vast majority of the guests who come to stay at and return to the Pigeon Cay Beach Club will tell you that it is just that.

What we are talking about here is a bay measuring eight miles of which over three miles of it are powder white sand.

The Pigeon Cay Beach Club consists of only seven cottages, and you literally walk out of them and into the turquoise sea. Just let your imagination run riot, because this is how it is. There are seven cottages three of which are double occupancy, another will accommodate up to four people, and then the Big House, and Lily House can take six, and really are superb.

All the cottages have all home comforts supplied, with ceiling fans but no air conditioning, but in fact with the cool breezes that isn’t necessary anyway. Lovely and fluffy beach towels are included as is breakfast. The bar by the beach runs on an honour system.

With an average cost of less than USD250 per night not only is Pigeon Cay Beach Club a romantic getaway it is a relatively cheap romantic getaway, and consistent in the favourable comments made, are words like peacefulness, and remote. A gorgeous location, with the accommodation being not only very clean but very well equipped.

Recommendations include signing up for dinner on the premises, because of the ambience of eating on the lovely beach as the sun goes down. You will find the food very tasty and the meals go from plain home style cooking to gourmet, with quite naturally quite an emphasis on fish.

Cat Island is a great place for birdwatching, and you’ll be able to borrow books for identification purposes. One of the reasons Cat Island in general and Pigeon Cay Beach Club make for a great Caribbean honeymoon destination is the peace and quiet, and the lack of things to do. This makes it great after all the hustle and bustle of a wedding where you will have been under pressure for a long time, so it is great to just come here, and be the only footprints on the beach and just totally unwind.

The Pigeon Cay Beach Club supplies things like kayaks and bicycles free, and so you can explore on wheels or on the water to your heart’s content. Miles down the beach there is a lovely tidal creek and you’ll be able to wade some stunning bonefish flats if that is the kind of thing you want to do.

Another nice thing about places like Pigeon Cay Beach Club is that the people you will meet there are of a similar disposition to yourself. People who like small, peace and quiet, unfussy, back to nature places, and not big bold and brassy hotels where you could be anywhere. Also you will meet the inhabitants of Cat Island when you go exploring, and a nicer group of people you are unlikely to meet.

Pigeon Cay Beach Club will give you the Caribbean the way it used to be, with the choice of self catering, or dining , and for a romantic getaway or a Caribbean Honeymoon Vacation it is affordable, clean, restful in beautiful surroundings on Cat Island.

Landmark Visitors Guide The Bahamas

Author Resource: Jason Law administers and writes for and is a contributor to His first love is the Caribbean especially the hotels in the Bahamas, but he also suggests you check out

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Fishing In Hawaii

The opportunity to be on a boat ready to catch fish, enjoying the beautiful scenery, and the camaraderie with the crew of the boat is the best experience in fishing you can find. Here are some helpful tips to enjoy fishing.

1. Choose a boat wisely. A boat that meets your needs and your goal on what to do with the fish you catch are the things to consider when choosing a boat for Hawaii Fishing Trips.

2. Choose the appropriate Island in Hawaii that meets your desired duration of the Fishing trip. For shorter trips, choose an Island in Hawaii that has deep water right near shore. These islands are ideal for shorter trips in fishing where catching fish won't take long.

3. Consider bringing tackle, bait, ice and fresh water. Confirm with the boat company if they will provide these items. Tackle is a set of pulleys and ropes assembled to facilitate the mechanisms for hoisting and pulling. Bait is for luring the fish. Ice is for keeping the catch fish fresh during the trip. Fresh water is for thirst quencher during the fishing trip.

4. Wear comfortable clothes that are suited for a hot summer day. T-shirts and shorts are the best pair of clothes to wear in fishing. An extra T-shirt will also be useful.

5. Consider bringing a baseball style cap for shading. This is effective in shielding the hot rays of the sun during the fishing trip.

6. Bring polarized sunglasses to see the fish in the water.

7. Closed toe boating shoes are highly recommended to use. They are made for keeping the feet from slipping when action gets good.

8. Bring food and drinks if the boat company won't provide these items. Cans are better than glass for drinks. Chips like Cheetos and Doritos for snacks seem to go well at sea.

9. Don't forget to bring medicine for seasickness. To minimize feeling seasick, take an 8-hour sleep before the fishing trip. Being fully awake and active before the boat leaves the dock will help prevent from feeling seasick all through out the fishing trip.

10. Eat a full meal at dinner and a light breakfast before the trip.

11. Don't forget to bring sunscreen. Sunscreen with SPF of 30 or higher is highly recommended to protect the skin from the harmful UV Rays of the sun.

12. Decide before the trip on how to get at the harbor for the fishing trip in the morning. Either choose to take a cab or rent a car.

Using these tips will go a long way towards having an enjoyable day of fishing.

To read about types of dolphins and endangered dolphins, visit the Facts About Dolphins site.

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Unique Vietnam

Voices of the Vietnam POWs

Vietnam is a fascinating country with a long history and an ancient culture. It's also a dynamic nation that's moving ahead. In recent decades, Vietnam has opened up as an outstanding holiday destination owing to its enchanting cities and magical natural scenery. Here's a look at the unique watery attractions in the great historic cities of Hanoi, Hue and Ho Chi Minh City.

Standing along the banks of the Red River, Hanoi, the capital, is a city of timeless elegance with its French colonial villas, spacious tree lined boulevards, quaint backstreets and pagodas. However it's the medley of lakes that gives this city its unique charm.

The most delightful of Hanoi's lakes is the serene Hoan Kiem Lake (Lake of the Restored Sword) that lies plumb in the heart of the city. Cross the The Huc (Rising Sun) Bridge to explore the island in its centre. The island is home to the 18th century Ngoc Son (Jade Mountain) Temple.

The shores of Hanoi's West Lake make up a popular meeting and picnicking spot. This lake is nine miles in circumference and several cafes stand on its shores. A B52 bomber crashed into this lake during the Vietnam War and its wreckage remains.

Going south from Hanoi brings you to the imperial charm of the old capital Hue. The centrepiece here is the Perfume River which is populated with dragon boats, houseboats, and long-tail sand dredgers. Linking the two banks is the Trang Tien Bridge, a popular evening strolling place for young lovers and the perfect spot to take the air. In the evenings, the bridge is illuminated with a light display and the outdoor riverside cafes are splendid spots to relax, admire the lights, and take in the local action.

The Perfume River separates the city and the ‘Forbidden Purple City’, once the sole province of the emperor and his family and attendants. Much of its splendid imperial architecture was razed during the Tet offensive but remnants of its tombs and pagodas remain to hint at its former splendour.

Heading further south to the Mekhong delta region brings you to the zest and optimism of old Saigon in what is now known as Ho Chi Minh City. It's a brash, dynamic and forward-looking city that retains much of its colonial charm in the form of delightful villas and churches and boulevards.

One of the main factors in the choice of Saigon as capital in the 19th century was its location on the Saigon River. This made it perfect for a port and a major trading and transport hub for Indochina. And today the river remains an important part of the city. The best way to experience the charms of the city's main waterway and sample the country's culture is to take a five-mile cruise to the Binh Quoi II Tourist Resort.

The Binh Quoi II Tourist Resort offers a range of cultural events such as music and dancing and dining. One of the highlights is the show of a traditional Vietnamese wedding with a water-borne procession. Tours usually depart Ho Chi Minh City in the early evening and last for four hours.

Vietnam, a forward-looking nation that's steeped in history and a unique and wonderful culture, has much to offer the holiday maker. These three cities with their aquatic charms offer a great introduction.
Reluctant Warrior: A Marine''s True Story of Duty & Heroism in Vietnam

When visiting Vietnam, be sure to have a reservation, because hotels in Vietnam could be fully booked in high season. Of course the Internet offers many opportunities to book Vietnam hotels in advance.

Richard has over 20 years experience in the travel industry and writes for CheaperThanHotels.
Cheaper than Hotels offers cheap hotels with extended background information for travel destinations
Vietnam Voices: An Oral History of Eleven Vietnam Veterans

Great White Shark Attack In Australia

Evan Lloyd  14kt. Gold Mako Shark Pendant

The AFP reported on 25 Jan 2007 that a brave scuba diver repelled a Great White Shark attack yesterday. How did this man escaped from the most feared predator of the sea, the monstrous Great White Shark which is known to grow up to 30 feet long and can weigh tons?

The Australian scuba diver, Eric Nerhus said that he resisted the shark attack so vigorously because he did not want to be an undignified fish food. Fish food? The Great White Shark is no ordinary shark It is a huge mean meat eating machine and nothing in the ocean can stand against its ferocity and viciousness.
Evan Lloyd 14kt. Gold Shark Tooth Pendant

Scuba Diving Shark Encounter
According to Eric, he was scuba diving collecting abalone in the ocean south of Sidney when he suddenly found himself half way into the gigantic mouth of the 10 footer monster with its sharp razor teeth grinding on him. He told Australia's Nine Network TV station that he was so shocked at first that he did not know what was happening. 'I went straight into its mouth. My shoulders, my head and one arm went straight down its throat and I could feel its teeth crunching up and down on my scuba diving weight vest.' he described to reporters from his hospital bed.

Eric, a father of two teenage kids realized that his only hope of escaping from the shark was by stabbing repeatedly at the creature's eye with his abalone chisel as the shark begun to shake him side to side in a vicious vice like grip around his waist. The struggle was so violent that Eric's regulator (breathing apparatus scuba diving gear) was knocked out from his mouth preventing him from breathing and his diver's face mask crushed.
Evan Lloyd  14kt. Gold Shark Pendant

The shark must have been hurt by Eric's vigorous stabbing of its eye that it suddenly paused, and then open its mouth just in the nick of time for Eric to escape from the shark's deadly jaws. The gallant scuba diver then swam painfully to the surface followed by the shark not too far behind him. He was quickly pulled to safety by his son before the Great White shark gets its second chance of making Eric its fish food. The waters of Australia, South Africa and Florida are known to experience Great White Shark attacks on scuba divers, snorklers, surfers and swimmers now and then. Attacks by The Great White sharks are usually fatal and this scuba diver must have been very lucky to have escaped one piece.
Shark Toilet Handle

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Acquiring an Australian Visa: Rules To Keep In Mind

By: Jo Alelsto

A visa generally refers to a formal endorsement which is endowed by a certain government on a person’s passport, and this denotes that the individual’s passport has been thoroughly checked and found valid by the country he or she wishes to visit. This also allows the bearer to legally travel to his or her destination. An entry visa indicates that the bearer has gotten official permission to enter a country as a visitor, but this does not however guarantee outright admission. The other major purpose of a visa is to allow a government to limit, as well as control, the entry of aliens into a country. Generally, there are two types of visas commonly issued, and these are the passport entry visa and the immigrant entry visa. The passport entry visa allows for the person to visit the country on a specified duration, while the immigrant visa is given to those who want to settle permanently in that country. So how should one get an Australian Visa?

Walking in Australia

Based on information posted on the Australian Government’s official web site, most visa applications are approved or denied in 30 seconds, but there will be times when the standard application process takes a bit longer to undertake. For starters, the most common Australian visa issued is the Electronic Travel Authority or ETA. This is valid for 12 months from the date of issue, and allows for multiple visits to Australia with up to three months for each visit. Applications for these are usually quick, and the applicant will know the result in a short span of time. In getting an ETA however, you first need to check if you’re qualified for this. Foremost, only passport-holding individuals from selected nations like the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada are allowed to apply for an ETA. You could check out the complete list of eligible countries from the Australian Government web site.

If ever you belong to any of the countries approved for this visa, you may apply online. Once you’re on the official government web site, click on the "Apply for ETA" button, and thoroughly read as well as accept the information stated. An ETA application has a A$20 application fee levied, but you could use your credit card to pay for this too. Next, provide all personal information required. Once you complete all necessary forms and provide the pertinent information, start waiting for approval. According to Australian visa experts, most applications made online are approved or denied in 30 seconds. However, if you encounter any delays, you may re-check your status every 12 hours, to verify your ETA application status.

This Way: Australia

For those who wish to do business Down Under, special business visas are also offered. However, the length of stay for business travelers who get this type of visa will depend on the agreement that will be met upon after the person consults the Australian visa office. Business visa are usually valid for up to 5 years. There are also temporary visas for those who wish to go to Australia to do some special activities like sporting competitions, entertainment performances, or temporary short-stay company assignments. Those wishing to be granted temporary residence visas in this country however need to be sponsored by an Australian company or organization. Those who get temporary residence visas need to remember that the exact length of the stay indicated on the document needs to be strictly complied, and when the visa expires and you still need to stay quite longer, then you are advised to immediately consult with the country’s Department of Immigration and Multicultural affairs office. Failure to do so will incur the person a hefty fine, along with the imposition of other penalties.

Author Resource:-> Jo is an author and publisher for ‘Visas for Australia’ (, one of the world’s foremost visa consultant that processes Australian tourist visas, Australian business visas and Australian working holiday visas. If you are going to take a trip and apply for an Australian visa or if you want to go through the excitement and thrill of staying in or fulfilling your desire of visit Down Under then you should check out Visas for Australia.

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Australia: A Traveler''s Literary Companion