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When To Visit Brazil

By: John P.

Due to Brazil’s size, there is a lot of regional variation in the climate but 90% of the territory is within the tropical zone so for this reason it rarely gets very cold. Due to the fact that Brazil is in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are opposite to those in the northern hemisphere, as follows: from December to March, in Brazil is the summer season; from June until August, they have the winter season. Summer is the best time to travel to the southernmost states (Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina) because parts of the region do get frost and occasional snow during the winter.

The coastal cities of So Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Salvador are consistently warm all year round, and get downright hot and humid during the summer. However, if you are looking to really have an exceptional vacation, Carnival celebrations are held throughout the country in February, although prices skyrocket during this period of the year. The northeast has beautiful stretches of seashore; during the region's dry season – May until November the heat is tempered by constant breezes on the coast. This is of course a less expensive season in which to visit in comparison with the Carnival period; many establishments all across Brazil’s territory offer reduced rates from April until June and August to November. Travel in the Amazon should be done when much of the region floods from January to June. While this means that the humidity is higher and the rainfall more substantial, the rivers become navigable thus allowing visitors to see more wildlife than during the dry season. Most of the travelers visit the Pantanal toward the end of its wet season in April, when the area is flooded and fauna are stranded on the remaining spots of dry land, making them easier to spot.

We recommend that you avoid visiting Brazil in the following periods: New Year – December 31st and January 1st – finding accommodation during this period is almost impossible as every New Year, 2 million people gather to celebrate. Carnival Rio – during the end of February and the beginning of March it is very difficult to find accommodations. Independence Day – September 7th also very hard to find a room in a hotel.

If you are visiting Brazil with the main intention of seeing some of Brazil's exquisite beaches, keep in mind that Brazil's fabulous beaches are on the Atlantic coast and so you should try to avoid travelling during the months of June right up until August, when the sea can be notoriously rough and cold. Moving on, Ninety percent of Brazil's landmass falls within the tropical zone, as the country is crossed by the equator in the north and the Tropic of Capricorn in the south. However, the nation's climate is far from homogenous and ranges from equatorial to semiarid to subtropical.

All things considered, due to the friendly climate, Brazil can be a very good travel idea almost all the time of the year with few exceptions. A living proof of why Brazil is a wise travel solution is given by the fact that millions of tourists visit it every year and some of them visit the country more than one time.
A Concise History of Brazil

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John P. is the director of where visitors can find Rio apartments for reasonable prices.

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Make a Successful Holiday Trip to Ramsgate

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Ramsgate is a pleasant town to visit and one of the great English seaside towns of the 19th century. The main attraction in ramsgate is its coastline and its main industries are tourism and fishing. Is your destination for beautiful and memorable holiday or business trip is Ramsgate? Are your restricted make your trip more memorable as per the pre planned budget? You don't want compromise on the facilities and hospitality for the amount you spent? If your answer for any of the above is yes, the best hotel I can suggest you in ramsgate is Comfort Inn rated with 3 stars and it provide personalized services with a wide range of modern and advanced facilities and offers a warm welcome for its guests combining the traditional Greek hospitality, the family environment and the friendly relaxing atmosphere with all comforts of a modern hotel. Rooms and amenities in Comfort Inn are very comfortable and make you to feel the luxury.

Comfort Inn has its own Package on special offers for every occasion like Autumn, Bank Holiday, Christmas Offer, Easter, Midweek Offers, New Years Eve offers, Summer Offer, Valentines Day offers and Festive Deals. If you want to know more information about this special offers u can go through

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Getaway from Crowds, Be Alone with Nature’s Beauty

México is home to many of the world’s famous beaches. Numerous beach resorts line the coast and offer numerous activities. Acapulco Vacation Getaways are famed as the paradise destinations for both domestic and international travelers. Acapulco is situated on the Pacific Coast of the state of Guerrero, 83 miles away from Chilpancingo, the state capital, and 245 miles west of Mexico City. The Geographical location of Acapulco makes it very popular. Acapulco has a warm, humid climate, which offers sunny days throughout the whole year with temperatures ranging from 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of the hotels run along side the pristine coast of calm waters, which is composed of numerous beaches and “puntas”. Waters in these beaches are ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.
Mexico: Biography of Power:A History of Modern Mexico, 1810-1996

Picturesque Fondas or typical Mexican restaurants abound in Acapulco for authentic Mexican cuisine. Acapulco vacations are family friendly. Found along Acapulco Bay is CiCi Waterpark. This theme park caters mostly to families with activities available for the entire family. The park has several water attractions like facilities for toboggans, wave pools and a program that gives guests a chance to swim with dolphins. La Quebrada offers picturesque views of jagged rocks being kissed by the waves of the Acapulco waters.

Extreme sports enthusiast and curious hearts can try parasailing and bungee jumping among many other activities offered in Acapulco. Acapulco has limitless attractions and recreational activities, such as golf courses, tennis courts, and underwater attractions, including shopping areas, dance clubs, disco clubs, and nightclubs, as well as day or night sightseeing tours.

Acapulco has a stable tourism industry with solid infrastructure encompassing all hotels, restaurants and vacation providers making Acapulco, Mexico a premiere travel destination.

Enjoy Caribbean vacation getaways the way it is supposed to be enjoyed, away from crowds, cars and almost inescapable noise. Caribbean Vacation getaways transport you to an earlier time, to a simpler and less hectic life.

Pine Cay Island is a secluded private island resort located in Turks and Caicos, British Virgin Islands. Walk barefoot and feel the talcum powder like sand on the seashore. Pine Cay Island has seven freshwater ponds where guests can fish. There are only 12 clubrooms and a cottage at the Meridian Club on Pine Cay Island. With its indoor and outdoor showers, the resort’s clubrooms face a secluded beach for additional privacy.

Guests can walk in and out of their rooms straight from the beach. The Sand Dollar Cottage is great for honeymooners since it provides additional privacy for a more romantic getaway. The island also contains about twenty-five privately owned homes along the beachfront, some of which can be leased on a weekly basis.

Guests cannot find any TV sets, radios and telephones at the Meridian Club, allowing guests to rejuvenate and rest, surrounded by nature and songs of tropical birds.

Automobiles are not present on the island resort, bicycles are available to use for going to other island beaches. Guests can opt to have their breakfast delivered directly to their rooms. Candlelight dinners featuring fresh Pine Cay seafood are served outdoors. The resort has a freshwater swimming pool available. For those who would rather not swim in a pool the scuba diving, swimming and snorkeling are just some activities that can be done in the waters around Pine Cay.

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How a Hot Tub Can Help You Recover From Travel Fatigue

How a Hot Tub Can Help You Recover From Travel Fatigue

Author: Jacuzzi John

Most people usually sleep much better after a warm soothing bath and improving how one sleeps will considerably help to reduce the effects of Travel Fatigue or even Jet Lag.

Whenever possible you should enjoy a long therapeutic massage in a Hot Tub immediately after every trip or long haul flight. Hydrotherapy not only relaxes your body by opening up your blood vessels, it also helps to rehydrate you.

The relaxing combination of warm soothing water coupled with the Hydro Massage effect produced by a Hot Tub will go a very long way to reviving you and providing the respite so often needed after a car journey or a long flight.

It is a little known fact that at the beginning of a long haul flight the cabin humidity drops from an average of 50% down to 25% and as the flight progresses it comes down to 10% and it has even been recorded as low as 1% at the end of an intercontinental flight. Aircraft cabins are drier than some of the driest deserts on the planet earth. The result of this extremely dry air is dehydration of your body, particularly your skin which can cause discomfort, itchiness and also wrinkles.

During the flight you should drink lots of bottled water and try to breathe moist air from a damp handkerchief draped across your nose. Do not drink alcohol or coffee before or during the flight as these have diuretic properties, which drive moisture from your cells and can cause discomfort.

You should also avoid eating food that is high in fat and salt (most airline meals) and try and stick to food that is high in carbohydrates such as fresh fruit and fruit juice, chocolate and biscuits are also high in carbohydrate. As soon as possible after landing it would be a great idea to get into a Jacuzzi Hot Tub for 20 minutes and let the magic of millions of Hydrotherapy Bubbles and Massage Jets gently sooth you back to normal. Remember to continue to drink lots of fresh water for at least two days after your flight and try and have a 15 minute Hot Tub session morning and evening each day in the week following your flight.

But remember using your Jacuzzi Spa is a great idea anyway irrespective of whether you have been flying. Nothing beats the effect of warm water with Massage Jets to produce the combination to make that perfect Hot Tub treatment so relaxing.

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The Author Jaccuzzi John markets premier American Hot Tubs from Estepona in Spain and for further information his web site is at Marbella Hot Tubs

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Vacationing in Amish Country: Berlin Ohio Hotels

Vacationing in Amish Country: Berlin Ohio Hotels

Author: Will Allensworth

If your vacation plans for the coming summer include a trip to Berlin, Ohio in the heart of northeast Ohio's Amish country, then finding an affordable and comfortable place to stay for the night is a must. There is a lot to see and do in this small Amish town, and a nice place to relax and put your feet up at the end of the day is a requirement. Start searching the internet early on in the planning stage so that this is pre-arranged by the time you arrive in the city.

Amish Life

One of the benefits of searching the internet (besides the Information Super Highway) and doing some shopping is the ability to book reservations on lodging as well as transportation. Booking hotels or other lodging facilities is no exception to the rule. Online listings for Berlin, Ohio hotels and lodging establishments are numerous, and for the most part, you'll find these facilities broken down into the following five categories:

• Bed and Breakfast / Historic Inns • Cabins / Cottages • Condos / Vacation Rentals • Lodges • Hotels / Motels

Bed and Breakfast, Historic Inns, Hotels

Bed and Breakfast establishments or Historic Inns are the preferred type of lodging when you're visiting Berlin and other Amish Country communities and towns. The ambiance and charm that is typically standard with this type of lodging always make them the aesthetic choice of tourists, and as a result, booking your reservations months (not weeks) in advance is always a wise decision. Typically, the allure and the amenities in these types of facilities are far superior to the ordinary hotel or motel.

Cabins and Cottages

Cabins and cottages typically cost a bit more than the other facilities, but these are oftentimes equally as popular as the B&B's or historic inns simply because they offer rates for longer stays and are considerably more private. It is not uncommon to find weekly (and even monthly) rates for these facilities when comparing them to the other types of lodging available. They are also the better choice, just like vacation rentals, when you are traveling as a family or in large groups. Berlin Ohio Hotels offers you great rates and exclusive cottages are located in the center of Amish Country.

Amish Women Lives & Stories

Condos and Vacation Rentals

The condo or the vacation rental is ideal for families and larger groups but they can get extremely pricey. These types of facilities oftentimes will accommodate up to 8 people (or more) comfortably when you are staying at these types of lodging facilities.

Hotels and Motels

For the economic travelers this is the preferred choice for lodging but just like the condo or vacation rental, they can be pricey. Typically, these facilities are geared towards the budget-minded vacationer. Additionally, you will not find the amenities that the facilities listed above usually have, unless you hunt down the more luxurious hotels and motels in the area.

The Puzzles of Amish Life


Lodges can also be a viable choice since you will usually find nicer amenities at these facilities. They are usually situated in more rural settings so that you can experience the countryside and the landscape surrounding them.

About the Author:
William Allensworth is a very dedicated author, mainly writing about the Amish Country lands which is mostly centered around Holmes County Ohio and Berlin Ohio. Detailed summaries express his experiences and true love with this area. Berlin Ohio Hotels

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The Flora And Fauna Of Greek Island Crete

The Greek island of Crete does not only carry the secrets of an ancient civilization, but also puts a very rich flora and fauna on display for those who may be seeking to spend time in the nature's arm. The island is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea waters and carries a weather that resembles with the Mediterranean and the North African both. The temperature mostly remains mild in the low-lying areas while the snowfall rarely takes place, barring some high altitude cases. The island's beaches are famous for their raw beauty and the sea resorts made along them. On the other hand, mountains are there to be trekked on, and various tour operators and hotels in Crete will offer packages for these kinds of events.

Spring brings up the best time for the Cretan flora and fauna to be explored when there is hardly any snowfall around and the rainfall has also died down. Obviously this also means the start of the tourism season in the island. The fields laden with red poppies and the air full of the lemon and orange flavors may leave you mesmerize in these days. Among many hundreds of the flora species found across the island, at least 130 wild flowers and herbs are regarded unique to it. Cretan holidays may be planned around these natural gifts provided one carefully decided about their tour plans. Often hotels in Crete will help you out in deciding about your nature-centric adventures.

The ravines and the mountain slopes are the places where one should look out for the rarest of plants found on this island. These include Organium dictamus, an herb made popular by the likes of Hippocrates and Aristotle for its medicinal use. The herb grows on steep slopes in the rocky mountains of Crete, where they won't easily be discovered by any human being. As a result, the men used to trek up and gift the herb as a sign of love to their partners in the ancient times. The name Organium dictamus comes from the mount Dikty, where Zeus, the mythological king of the Greek gods, was famously born. The evergreen Cretan Plane Tree is yet another unique Cretan species to be looked closely at. Unlike the other plane trees, which are deciduous in nature, the evergreen tree keeps itself green throughout the year.

Also found in Crete is the unique Cretan palm tree, which grows in abundance along the Vai beach. During the 70s, Hippies overcrowded this beach and left behind the dumps of garbage. Subsequently the whole area was declared a protected zone and gradually the palm tree forest and the beach were restored to their natural shape and looks over the years. These two draw in thousands of Crete bound tourists each year these days.

The Cretan Fauna is as impressive as its flora with some unique species filling up its biological chart. The Cretan wild goat leads the chart with its unusual yet impressive appearance. The animal is a protected species, and is found over a wide range. Several lizards and at least one poisonous snake do also inhabit these areas. Funnily, it was believed that St. Titus had earlier driven all the poisonous snakes off the Crete Island. The Cretan golden eagle leads the segment of birds from this area. Also found are warblers, swallows, goldfinches and some migratory birds. The voyage from hotels in Crete to the archaeological treasures across the island, and that to the thrilling beaches and the valleys carrying such a rich flora and fauna is bound to generate excitement.

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Discover a more unusual side to London

London is a city of many faces. Indeed, effortlessly blending historical sites of interest and top tourist attractions with trendy bars and original street markets, visitors to the city can expect to be truly dazzled by its distinctive sense of style, as well as its countless cultural offerings.

However, for those of you who have already visited London’s main attractions, or for those who are seeking adventure, what can the capital offer you? Take a bit of time out to research and you’d be amazed with the variety of unusual attractions to be found.

For instance, why not start the day off with a visit to the gruesome Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garrett? Located at the top of an old spiral staircase, the museum is hidden in the roof of an old Baroque church. It is the UK’s only surviving 19th century operating theatre and depicts what medical procedures used to be like, before anaesthesia was invented!

However, if excitement is what you’re after, then it’s worth booking yourself on a Duck Tour. Venturing out on land and water, an amphibious vehicle will take you on a unique tour of the city, whilst guides will provide you with an alternative history of London. Not only that, but you’ll also get to learn about the Duck vehicles, which were historically used in the Second World War.

The award winning London Wetland Centre is another great place, especially for those looking to escape the noise of the city for a few hours. A stunning wildlife reserve situated just 25 minutes from the city’s centre, it boasts over 43 hectares of wetland habitats and attracts thousands of wild birds, as well as a colony of endangered Water Voles.

To finish off a day in the English capital, the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London is a short, but definitely sweet excursion. Having been tradition for the last 700 years, each night the Chief Yeoman Warder, dressed in customary attire and carrying a lantern, goes out at precisely 21.53 to lock all the Tower gates. Upon approaching the archway of the Bloody Tower, however, he is challenged by a sentry and must provide the right answer. The ceremony is concluded with the sound of a trumpet blasting.

Visitors can experience this ancient tradition for free, but they must first write to the Tower of London officials up to two months in advance, in order to receive tickets. This may seem like a hassle for a ten minute tour, but it’s certainly one of the more unusual London experiences!
London Secrets: London Guidebook For The First Time Visitor

There is an amazing array of strange and curious things to do in England’s capital, and with a vast choice of hotels in London in which to stay, you can see for yourself what extraordinary things you can find off the beaten tourist track!

Andrew Regan writes for a digital marketing agency. This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.

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Autumn in New England

You close your eyes and can picture it…New England in the fall. The trees are more brilliant than you imagined. There is a crisp chill in the air and you can smell a farmer burning leaves somewhere in the distance, reminding you of summer’s last camping trip. As your eyes drift open, you want nothing more than your upcoming trip to be as perfect as your vision. Careful planning will ensure your trip is nothing less than amazing.
Capturing the colors that paint New England’s countryside at just the right moment can be tricky. Your best bet is to find get your information directly from the “horse’s mouth.” Whether you decide to do a web search or call one of the many New England hotline’s provided, you’ll discover the locals know what they’re talking about. Although Mother Nature is impossible to predict, there typically is a couple of weeks that won’t let you down. When coming at just the right time, the palette of colors before your eyes will be utterly inspiring.
Lighthouses Of New England: Your Guide To The Lighthouses Of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, And Connecticut

Once your dates are set, destination immediately follows. New England is covered in countryside roads and breathtaking hillsides a plenty. What is the best route though? Only you can be the judge. It’s worth the time to travel around exploring all New England has to offer. The sights that trigger one’s heartstrings are different for everyone. If you are in need of specifics however, try Route 100 through Vermont. Making your way northward you will find less congestion and cozy town’s in which to call home for the night.

Autumn in New England both comforts and nurtures the soul. Always plan ahead so your trip goes as seamless as possible. The final suggestion for enjoying New England is to bring along a map or GPS system. If getting lost doesn’t appeal to you, try downloading an interactive map to your Blackberry or wireless device. WorldMate is a fantastic travel assistant, always keeping you well informed. Best of all…. it’s free. With no more excuses, the only thing left to do is to hit the road!

New England and New York

In this article Jeni stevens writes about Autumn in New England and that how interesting and captivating it is. She also refers to Worldmate as a fantastic travel assistant for your travel information. It is very useful and can be your Personal Travel Assistant More information on

France: What to Bring, What to See, What to Avoid

Thinking of planning a family holiday in france ? Here are some tips on what to bring, what to see, and what to avoid.

WHAT TO BRING If you’re planning on bringing chargers or any kind of electronic equipment that requires being plugged in, don’t forget a plug adapter. The US voltage tends to be around 120-volts, while Europe averages around 240. Of course, adapters aren’t perfect, and some people report their electronics not functioning the same way once they return, so if possible, buy things such as hairdryers once you are there. Some people prefer travelling with a money belt. It takes your mind off where your money is and allows you to relax and enjoy travelling. To add to this ease of mind, make sure to bring photocopies of your ID, plane ticket and passport, as well as a few passport photos. It will save you valuable time if they get lost or stolen. Keep them separate from the originals.

WHAT TO SEE If Paris is your destination, there are the obvious sites: the Louvre (which cannot be completely done in a day), Notre Dame Cathedral (get there early if you want to see the tower — the line forms quickly; it’s a long climb and not for the faint of heart, so be careful if you have any elderly family members with you), and the Eiffel Tower (the line is much shorter if you decide to walk up, but the stairs only go to the second level). Don’t miss the Tuileries at sunset — if you stand by the fountain, you can see the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. The Champs-Élysées is worth walking down, but make sure you go at night in order to understand why it is known as one of the most beautiful avenues on earth. Cities not to miss elsewhere in France include Marseilles, Lyon, Nice and Avignon. The TGV is an excellent way of seeing the countryside without having to negotiate a map, although driving from Paris to Avignon is an adventure in and of itself for the family.

Edible France: A Traveller''s Guide

WHAT TO AVOID Avoid tourists traps such as the Moulin Rouge in Paris (and that area is particularly dangerous at night). When booking a hotel, it might seem nice to stay right by all the famous sights, but don’t underestimate the Paris Metro — it can get you from the outskirts of the city to the very heart in 20 minutes, and save you quite a bit of money. If you’re travelling in the south of France, the many small towns with Roman ruins might seem appealing, but try to pick a few and explore them thoroughly. Arles has a nice Roman amphitheatre that was converted into a medieval village for a time, then back to an amphitheatre, as well as a market where you can buy provincial cuisine and local crafts. Avignon is a medieval walled city with a palace where the Avignon pope used to live and the famous “Pont d’Avignon”. Be warned, though: the inside of the castle is mostly empty, unfurnished rooms.

Thinking of planning a family holiday in france ? Here are some tips on what to bring, what to see, and what to avoid.


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Amazing Holiday in France

Submitted by Ste.B
Fri, 19 Dec 2008
Petit Lexique de la France Contemporaine: A Concise Dictionary of Contemporary France

If you are thinking of taking your family on a holiday in France, there is much to consider. First is what experiences do you what to leave with? Do you want to take a tourist trip on an organized bus tour where your itinerary and daily events are planned out for you, or you do want to travel as you please and do things on your own time?

If you want to see the highlights and are short on time, you might want to consider a bus tour. Though, if you have the luxury of a little more time and want to experience the real France, then Self Catering Holidays are a much more rewarding way to go. It is a good idea to make a list of places you or members of your family very much want to see. Following is a list of ten popular sites to visit in France to spark your own ideas:
Reflections on the Revolution in France

1. The Eiffel Tower
2. The Champ Elysees
3. Mont Saint Michel
4. Saint Tropez
5. The Louvre
6. Provence
7. Cannes
8. Nice
9. Cote de Sur
10. EuroDisney

Take out a map of France and mark the places you want to visit, from there, you can decide a sensible and time efficient route to take to see all of those destinations. There are many sites online where the distance between destinations can be displayed, approximate drive time and where you can also calculate your gas usage and estimated costs. Decide how much time you want to spend in each destination, whether it is a few hours or a few days. Do your research online to find budget or luxury accommodation, according to your needs. Will a language be a barrier for you? If so, it is a good idea to purchase a phrase book and as a family, try to learn some basic phrases together.

Some important and useful phrases are greetings, directions, hotel terms and food requests. It is also very important to learn how to ask for help in an emergency.
Don’t forget to pack your phrase book! Maybe you can find a Language learning CD and play it in your car both before and during your trip. It is a good idea to look at the average weather temperatures and conditions in the respective areas you are visiting for the time of year you are going. There is no point in packing fur coats or bikinis and beach towels if there are not going to be a use for them. The trick to travelling is to travel light! France is known for its rich and heavy foods; don’t forget to pack some antacids to sooth an upset stomach! And don’t forget the aspirin in case of a little over indulgence if you are visiting a winery! Pack a first aid kit too- they’re often very useful! Most importantly, relax and soak up your experiences – submerge yourself in the culture and be open to new experiences!

About France

About the Author
Book your family holiday with the au fait today for the hassel free, quick and easy sevice designed over years of experience and satisfaction for delivering tip-top france holidays!