Monday, February 9, 2009

Why not Retire in California?

Author: Melissa Peterman

Are you ready for adventure? Are you and your partner looking for a change of scenery with perhaps the intention of retiring in the near future? Whether you are looking for a senior apartment or>California assisted living, the state of California has just what you are looking for, whatever your taste, preferences or activity level, the state is as big and diverse as its population. Here are 10 reasons to retire in California.

1. A Variety of Scenic Towns
California offers a variety of communities. Little Mexico, college towns, small historic towns and farms all offer unique backdrops to where ever you plan to plant your roots.

2. Retirement Activities for Every Athletic Ability
• Golf courses
• Live performing arts theaters as well as movie theaters
• 26 Miles of public beaches for swimming, walking and fishing
• Professional sports arenas
• Zoos
• Farmer markets

3. Smoking Ban
Moving to a state that has a smoking ban can not only improve your health, but improve your experience in all public places.

4. Weather
• Humidity better for hair, nails, skin, allergies
• Fresh ocean air in much of the state
• Mild winters
• Sunshine!

5. Excellent Healthcare
California has some of the best hospitals in the United States. It is wise to be near good healthcare when you are in your retirement years.

6. Great Farms Means Great Food
Excellent fresh produce, meat as well as seafood are known throughout California. When your food is fresh and abundant, it directly affects your health.

7. Central Location
California is centrally located to so many other states and countries. Because California remains a hub for travelling, air, land and sea transportation is limitless. By retiring in California, you are already so close to so many other wonderful places to visit.
• Mexico
• Las Vegas
• Arizona
• Cruise Ships

8. Wine Lover’s Paradise
California is the number one wine state in the U.S. Wine tasting, tours and wine tourism adventure are abundant. If you are a wine lover, you are in for a treat!

9. Education Opportunities
Several universities, colleges and alternatives schools are scattered throughout California. Even though you are retiring, you can never stop learning!

10. Friendly People
With so many wonderful things to offer, California is a happy place with loads of friendly, happy people. Instead of wondering why one should retire in California, one should ask, why not?

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