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Wanna Party In Phuket?

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Ah Phuket. The jewel in Thailand’s crown, the playground of the rich and famous, the perfect island retreat with so many beaches to choose from. Nobody could deny Phuket’s charms, but when it comes to nightlife, if you don’t know where to go, you’ll probably end up listening to renditions of the Macarena all night long. If that’s your thing then great, but if you need something a bit more special in a night out, here’s where to look.

For true clubbers

Club Lime has been creating a bit of a stir in Phuket. Located on the beach road as part of the Club Andaman Resort, Club Lime features heavy doses of house music served up by the resident DJs. The venue doubles as a restaurant, so you can grab dinner in the evening and sit back and relax until the night rolls in.

The intoxicating range of cocktails are seductive and a snatch at about 200 baht each. During the week there are tribal, drum ‘b’ bass and electro nights on rotation. The venue also feature a killer soundsystem and one of the most illuminated backbars on the island. Previous guests DJs include DJ Nakadia and Thai superstar “Jay” Montonn Jira. Check it out. Visit for more information.

For the rockers

If you’re into classic hair rock, there is only one place to be: Rock City. Again, on the beach road in Patong, located next to Club Lime, Rock City features live bands every night playing the best of Bon Jovi, Van Halen and Queen. It’s classic rock at its best and every night it’s packed. The highlight of the roster is definitely the Metallica tribute band.

Although you won’t hear any original material, you’ll be sure to have a blast. The drinks are reasonably priced at about 200 baht each, and you might even hear a couple of Thai rock songs during your stay. Rock City is a fun night out and a favorite with both locals and travelers.

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For late-night dancing

Baya Beach, to be found in Patong at the end of Soi Bangla opposite the beach, is where islanders and those in the know go to party after the regular clubs close their doors. The venue gets busy, but the music is funky, ranging from straight-up hip hop to tougher house and electro music. There aren’t many other places around that stay open as late as Baya Beach.

For local flavor

If you want to do it like the locals, there are two great places to check out in Phuket City. The first is Timberhut, located on Yaowarat Rd, where you’ll find local bands and DJs entertaining throngs of locals. A word of warning though: it gets very busy at weekends.

Another great venue is Blue Marina, located in the basement of the Phuket Merlin Hotel on Yaowarat Rd. Few travelers make it to Blue Marina, but it’s a treat. Get there early, find yourself a table, buy a bottle of your favorite spirit and relax until the bands come on. Then it’s time to get up and dance around your table to Thai rock songs. It’s great fun. When the bands have finished, you’ll be treated to an assortment of hip hop, rock and curious pop songs courtesy of the resident DJ.

For something a bit more refined

Although it sounds like some kind of Aussie pub, Skipper’s Sports Bar and Restaurant is one of the most stylish places to chill at in Phuket. Located at Royal Phuket Marina, the food here is top notch, with a variety of Eastern and Western dishes on the menu. As the name suggests, you can also catch all the latest sports action on the widescreen TVs. The venue is ideal, with the outdoor area looking out over the lagoon to the large boats and the water. When the sky is clear and the stars are out, Skipper’s can be quite the romantic venue.

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Best for jazz

Ratri Jazztaurant is one for all you jazz buffs out there. The venue doubles as a restaurant and live music venue, with spectacular views across the sea and Kata Beach. This place has it all. Amazing sunsets, delectable food, great music from Manolo and his band, and potent cocktails.

The venue is located on Kata Hill and makes for a refreshing change from standard nightlife practices. The open-air element of the venue is its best feature as it really utilizes the location. For further information visit

As you can see, Phuket’s nightlife has something for everyone. Sometimes you have to just look a little bit beyond the well-trodden path to find it.

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