Monday, October 6, 2008

It Takes a Village

A newly started charity brings hope and health to African kids.

The plight of malnourished, hungry children in parts of Africa sometimes keeps Bob Bremner awake at night, says the founder of Nutronix International. He continually hears stories about the lack of resources and money in the famished areas of the continent, and Bremner feels compelled to help.
Bremner and his team at Nutronix recently launched a charity- Save a child- dedicated to improving the quality of life fro African children. Nutronix distributors have faithfully backed the program and the charity is off to a record start, Bremner says.
The company has begun donating boxes of one of its flagship products, The New Silver solution, to clinics in the West African country of Ghana. the reaction has been uplifting, Bremner says. He has targeted areas he believes need financial and nutritional support most- clinics where doctors are helping children fight malaria.

From the beginning
since 2001, William Moeller has been promoting the health benefits of the new Silver Solution, As chairman and president of American Biotech Laboratories, he heard positive results from a doctor in the Central African country of Rwanda, who was offering the supplement in his clinics. The physician, Dr. Ewabuhihl Ezechias, wanted more of the coveted supplement.
that's when Bremner considered giving it to them free. That same year, the food and Drugs board of the Republic of Ghana issued a certificate of registration for the supplement. From there, theh pieces were in place for Nutronix' founder to begin their charitable project.

Overcoming Hurdles
Excited about the possibility of an inexpensive supplement, Moeller presented a 46- page testimony to members of the House International Relations Subcommittee on Africa, Global Human rights, and International Operations in 2005. "We hope that the committee will be sufficiently impressed to help us help others," Moeller wrote.
As time went by and it became clear that the U.S. government would not fund the project, Bremner became impatient. When it comes to children, every day lost waiting for someone to provide a better nutritional option could mean hundreds of lives lost to malnourishment or sickness, he says. "African families cannot afford treatment, not even one dollar," Bremner says. "The people who want The New silver solution in Africa don't have any money. It's got to be donated: it can't be sold."

making silver a solution
so Bremner came up with a plan of his own. For each bottle of The New silver solution that Nutronix distributors buy- at a discounted pfice of $10- Nutronix would match the contribution.

when Bremner shared his plan with key leaders, they were behind him. "I think we'll have a large percentage of our people participate. And we're going to make it easy for our distributors to be part of Save A child,," Bremner sys. "they can put a bottle or two of even more on monthly auto-ship. The New silver solution will be sent directly to the clinics.'
Additionally, the foundation allows people to make tax-deductible gifts and donations.

Geared up in Ghana
The sister clinic in Ghana is small, with a single doctor and two technicians. Dr. Agnes Abraham, head physician at Justab Clinic in Ghana, says she couldn't be more enthusiastic about her new supply of Nutronix products. she has known about the New silver solution since 2003.
abraham is faced with a devastating trend at her clinic."almost 80 percent of the patients who go to clinics in Ghana have malaria. And the children, most of them die before they're 5 years old because of malaria," she says.
She uses The New silver solution in her clinic often. In laboratory invitro testing, the supplement has killed some bacteria and yeasts. Abraham says The New silver solution is extremely useful. "Even if you give me a shipload, I can use it all," she says.
Bremner hopes to visit Ghana later this year to see for himself how Nutronix is making a difference in ths country, which has a number of infectious diseases. "I can't think of anything better that we can do than save the lives of children," Bremner says.
"At Nutronix, it's our ambition to get enough of The New silver Solution to Africa to really make a difference."

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