Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hints for Travel in the Desert

October 28, 2008

Nearly of the scenic destination profiles and photos you’ll look on my Scenic Treasures site will be in the Southwestern field of the United States. And just like any other field of the world where weather can be strong, there are things you should know before starting out on your venture. Even if you’re just planning a day trip, these are very important:

1.Deal supplemental water. Both for your vehicle and the people travelling with you. A easy rule of thumb is to have at least 1 gallon per person, plus 1 or more gallons for your car.

2. Carry snacks or dry food items. This should be something that can hold up to a lot of heat. The desert gets extremely hot at certain times of the year, and inside your car it can go well above 150 degrees. So you want food points that can withstand those temperatures without going false.

3.Hold covers, sheets, towels, or other items that can blank out the sun. If your car shifts down, you can hang these on the windows to keep most of the strength out, thus keeping out some of the heat, and maintaining you from becoming hard burned.

4.Put On a hat. This is specially important for people with light painted or thin hair, because your scalp will sunburn badly - very quick.

5.Maintain boxing gloves on hand. This sounds strange, but if your car is parked in the sun for even a short amount of time, everything in it becomes exceedingly hot. Making back in and just touching the steering roll for example, or rough to turn the lighting key, can literally burn your skin. It’s like touch a hot stove.

6.Beware of leather seating. This is critical specially for baby car seats. The leather heat energies up drastically when the sun is straight on it. But even without the sun, leather makes super hot in the desert during the day and it can burn you very bad.

Watching Desert Wildlife

Watching Desert Wildlife

A memorable trip through the Southwestern deserts.

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