Thursday, October 2, 2008

Isola d'Elba, a memorable trip for italian beach holidays

Submitted by sverdlow

Holiday’s…. mere mention of the word leaves a smile on the face and a sparkle in the eyes. All of us want to go away for a while from our routine mundane demanding lives. We want to spend some quality time with our loved ones, ourselves and above all with nature. But the million-dollar question is where to holiday? Let me take you to a new holiday destination, which I am sure you have not visited yet. Elba island is an Italian island located in the Tuscan Archipelago. Sun, sea, beaches and a memorable holiday trip are guaranteed here. The island that is situated about 10km from the mainland can be accessed by a ferry, taking about an hour’s time. Elba is an island that welcomes you with a warm smile that’s all embracing…the vast seas, the beautiful beaches, and the green countryside all welcome you to the island. Elba Island is sure to thrill you with its natural beautiful landscapes and tourist spots. The climate here is typical as like of most marine climates. You can look forward to a mild weather here even during the winter season. Rains here are very scarce.

Rocky coastlines, cliffs, sandy beaches, beaches with pebble stones, sunny windy shorelines, and green pastures of land are all going to give you a beautiful sight that you are bound to remember for ages. The beaches of Elba are many and each one is unique in itself. On one hand you may see long golden beaches, on the other you may come across a beautiful beach of black sand. Beaches with tiny stones, those with white pebbles are a rare sight that is common here on Elba Island. Cliffs of smooth granite rocks, crystal clear seas, luxurious hilltops with fragrant sweet smelling flowers, woods with trees that have stood for ages, small villages by the sea or on the ridges, all make a spectacular sight.

Apart from its natural bewitching beauty Elba is a paradise for all those who enjoy and love nature sports. The island of Elba offers a variety of memories for the tourists. Trekking, mountain biking, squab diving, windsurfing, sailing, fishing, Para-gliding, golf are some of the adventure sports you can look forward to.

The holiday to Elba islands would be incomplete without getting a taste of their cuisine. The flavors of the cuisines here are exotic. You can get a good catch here that smells and tastes good too…I meant the fish it’s excellent and worth trying. And to give you a little high the island offers an array of fine wines red, white and sweet dessert wines are a must have.

Shopping can be a wonderful activity when one is relaxed and has leisure time. A holiday without some local shopping is not complete. Elba Island has a lot to offer on this front too. You can find typical Elba hand made products that will make for interesting souvenir. Mineral shops, shops selling antiques, boutiques, souvenir stalls will all help you find that special thing that you would want to take back home from Elba island.
I am sure that the visit to Elba Island will make a memorable trip. It will charge you up for the hectic schedule that will step in once you return from the holiday. Take that much needed holiday now you know where to go.
Visit Elba and do remember me when there. Enjoy the holiday. See ya.

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