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All About New Delhi - Get The Scoop!

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The craze for New Delhi among tourists had been long catching on in India. The city is a treasure trove of captivating attractions and it accommodates all the ardent visitors in the background of subtle facilities. What's great about New Delhi? The reasons are plenty. New Delhi offers historical architectures, modern skyscrapers, shopping lanes, gadgets, everything you can think of. The city of New Delhi is located in the Indo-Gangetic plain. The total land area of the metropolis is equal to 42,700 sq. km with the population exceeding 14 million. The official languages of New Delhi are Hindi and English. But during your travel, you can discover that other Indian languages like Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi, North-East, etc. are also roughly spoken in the city. While talking About New Delhi, one can never afford to overlook the fabulous range of architectural marvels from the medieval to the modern period. The heritage churches and museums, old magnificent monuments, forts and tombs, steel and grass construction, all come together to justify the unique style about New Delhi. Apart from its blessed location at the bank of Yamuna River, the city has some breathtakingly wonderful attractions that include Qutub Complex, ISKON, St. Peter's Cathedral- also known as the Antioch of the East, and many more. A hubbub in the world of fine cooking and cuisine is caused by the quality and range of dishes available in the restaurants in New Delhi. There are many excellent restaurants in New Delhi and the choices available range from Italian to Middle Eastern, Thai to Chinese and Japanese, and of course, the full gambit of home-grown, home-made Indian recipes. Angels In My Kitchen, Market CafĂ©, Flames, and Buzz are some of the worth visiting restaurants in New Delhi. Don't miss shopping in New Delhi because this is the place to make the best bargain, to buy books, clothing, computers, handicrafts, and almost anything at great prices! To benefit from world class shopping in New Delhi for garments, do visit Janpath, Sarojini Nagar Market and Central Market, Lajpat Nagar. Other places of shopping in New Delhi for items like gadgets, electronics, and books are Janpath, Chandni Chowk, Palika Bazar, Canaught Place, South Extension, Nehru Place, Daryaganj, Nayi Sarak, Khan Market, and the list goes on. To buy traditional handicrafts you can head to ‘Delhi Haat'- a ‘center of craft fairs' where artists themselves come to exhibit and sell attractive artifacts.

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