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A Romantic Getaway on Cat Island in the Bahamas

If you want a romantic getaway in the Bahamas, or just to recharge your batteries, then try the Pigeon Cay Beach Club on Cat Island.

As a romantic getaway, a deserted beach, a small hotel style beach club, with blue sea and white sands sounds just about perfect. In fact the vast majority of the guests who come to stay at and return to the Pigeon Cay Beach Club will tell you that it is just that.

What we are talking about here is a bay measuring eight miles of which over three miles of it are powder white sand.

The Pigeon Cay Beach Club consists of only seven cottages, and you literally walk out of them and into the turquoise sea. Just let your imagination run riot, because this is how it is. There are seven cottages three of which are double occupancy, another will accommodate up to four people, and then the Big House, and Lily House can take six, and really are superb.

All the cottages have all home comforts supplied, with ceiling fans but no air conditioning, but in fact with the cool breezes that isn’t necessary anyway. Lovely and fluffy beach towels are included as is breakfast. The bar by the beach runs on an honour system.

With an average cost of less than USD250 per night not only is Pigeon Cay Beach Club a romantic getaway it is a relatively cheap romantic getaway, and consistent in the favourable comments made, are words like peacefulness, and remote. A gorgeous location, with the accommodation being not only very clean but very well equipped.

Recommendations include signing up for dinner on the premises, because of the ambience of eating on the lovely beach as the sun goes down. You will find the food very tasty and the meals go from plain home style cooking to gourmet, with quite naturally quite an emphasis on fish.

Cat Island is a great place for birdwatching, and you’ll be able to borrow books for identification purposes. One of the reasons Cat Island in general and Pigeon Cay Beach Club make for a great Caribbean honeymoon destination is the peace and quiet, and the lack of things to do. This makes it great after all the hustle and bustle of a wedding where you will have been under pressure for a long time, so it is great to just come here, and be the only footprints on the beach and just totally unwind.

The Pigeon Cay Beach Club supplies things like kayaks and bicycles free, and so you can explore on wheels or on the water to your heart’s content. Miles down the beach there is a lovely tidal creek and you’ll be able to wade some stunning bonefish flats if that is the kind of thing you want to do.

Another nice thing about places like Pigeon Cay Beach Club is that the people you will meet there are of a similar disposition to yourself. People who like small, peace and quiet, unfussy, back to nature places, and not big bold and brassy hotels where you could be anywhere. Also you will meet the inhabitants of Cat Island when you go exploring, and a nicer group of people you are unlikely to meet.

Pigeon Cay Beach Club will give you the Caribbean the way it used to be, with the choice of self catering, or dining , and for a romantic getaway or a Caribbean Honeymoon Vacation it is affordable, clean, restful in beautiful surroundings on Cat Island.

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