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A Sampling of Private Morocco Tours

While private tours in Morocco can range from one or two days in a quick jaunt through a few particular cities that will cost you just over a hundred Euro, to the longer fifteen-day journeys that will cost you in the fifteen-hundred Euro range, there are no shortages of private guides for hire in Morocco. These tours range significantly in exactly how much time you will spend traveling and exploring, but with research and careful planning, a traveler can find a private tour guide who can translate and even help you get from your airport to your hotel.

Many private guides are aware that their services are more personal than just the average public tour that tends to be whirlwind and impersonal. Many of the reliable guides are able to speak a few languages, most notably English, French, Arabic, and often times other European languages such as Spanish and Italian. As a private guide would tell you, the French have long had a presence in the Moroccan culture, so finding a bilingual guide is often standard.

With knowing that the guides are there to cater to your needs for this tour, you, as the traveler, now have a very wide range of what kind of tour you would like. While one tour may be an overnight that lets you see Tangier, then Chefchaouen, others may have Tangier and Chefchaouen as simply two stops on their longer, fifteen day journey to show you everything about the Moroccan culture.

Morocco Itineraries: A Sample

For some of the longer itineraries, a sample of these trips might start you in Tangier for the first day, allowing you to enjoy the actual culture of the people and the local cuisine while you move through the newer parts of the city, and the older, walled Medina. From there, your second day can easily be a trip to Chefchaouen that is further into the Rif Mountains, which is known for its fantastic scenery. Most private tours have something for everyone, and the Mountains are steeped in history and views that catch anyone’s eye.

Even with longer private tours, you are still trying to put as much of a country as possible into fifteen days, so most often the third day would be a quick jaunt from Chefchaouen to Volubilis, which are amazing ancient Roman ruins hidden in the countryside now. From there, no trip to Morocco would be complete without arriving in Fez, which is the single oldest of Morocco’s imperial cities. Many guides will take pause here and take travelers throughout the historical and more tourist districts of the city to give patrons a full experience.

From there, depending on the guide, you might be able to spend a little more to hop onto a camel and actually take a journey into the Sahara desert. While that may seem unpleasant, a guide will most likely set this trip for the afternoon, then taking the trip into the evening and nighttime so that one can see the clear stars in the Sahara, as well as stopping at a Berber camp where local food can be had, and local sport – dune boarding, among others.

A common campsite for many guides during the trip through the Sahara lies at the Todra Gorge, an intimidating gorge that separates the Jbel Sahro and the Atlas mountains. An area truly one for contemplation, if you can find a tour guide who puts this on the itinerary, you are in for a treat.

Afterwards, Marrakech is a logical choice after the gorge, and with its absolutely stunning culture and architecture, one would be hard-pressed to miss this site. With an entire city in a reddish-brown hue, the night life opens up to acrobats, magicians and entertainment that will keep you on your toes.

From there, the Morocco tour could probably split off for any number of ways, from Essaouira, to El-Jadida, Asilah, or maybe even taking you back to Tangier. It all depends on the private guide, but tours vary significantly, so you never can say that one particular tour will be like all others.

A private tour through Morocco can help you see much more of the country on a more personal level with a local guide who knows the ins and outs of the areas. With a wide range of different places that you can travel to, there is no limit to just what you can find.

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