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Going to Australasia? 10 Places You Have to See

Going to Australasia? 10 Places You Have to See

Author: David R HUghes

The regions that come within Australasia are Australia, New Zealand and several small islands in the south of the Pacific. Some of the islands that come under the Australasian territory are Fiji, Solomon Islands, Cook Island, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Tahiti and several others.
The greatest attraction in the region is the AMP Tower Centrepoint, which is the tower located in the centre of Sydney and is also the tallest building in the city. From the tower, a great view of the city can be taken. Fraser Island is another place that needs to be visited. It is located in Queensland and is considered to be the largest sand island of the world. Another attraction at the island is the wreck of the Maheno ship, which is rusting. The island has natural beauty that is stunning and also has great creeks.

The Great Barrier Reef is another place that one ought to visit. It is a marine protected area and is the largest of its nature in the world. It has more than 1500 different species of marine animals. The area also has many shipwrecks and other archaeological sites. It is also the largest coral reef system in the world, and produces more than four hundred types of coral, all distinct from each another.

For people who love art, a great attraction is the National Gallery of Australia, which has more than 100,000 pieces of art by indigenous artists around the world. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is another great attraction in Sydney, as it is a man made structure and is considered to one of the most recognisable attractions. Those of you who seek adventure can also do Bridge climbing, which is a walk up the fifty storeys of the bridge (with guidance). The Sydney Opera House has become a recognisable icon for the city as well, and Australia as a whole is a place worth visiting and it is considered to be amongst the busiest performing arts centres all around the world.

Aoraki Mount Cook, which is the highest mountain in New Zealand, is the ultimate spot for people who want to have some adventure during their holiday trip, and who want to ‘pierce the clouds’, as the name of the mountain means “Cloud Piercer”.

Te Papa, which is the national museum of New Zealand, is also very interesting and one can gain a lot of insight related to the culture, art, history and the natural environment of the country. Another great place to visit in Australasia is the Sky City Tower. The tower is in the Sky City Entertainment Complex. The complex itself is worth seeing and besides the Sky City Tower; it has the Sky City Casino, Sky City Hotel and Sky City Theatre, along with conference centres and restaurants. Another great place to visit during your trip is Tongariro National Park which was actually a gift to Queen Victoria.

Other places in Australasia that are worth seeing are Port Arthur, Uluru Katu Tjutu National Park, and the Fiordland National Park.

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