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An Amazing Holiday for Those Boarding Flights to Manila!

Author: Chrish Watson

Those planning for flights to Manila are sure to find this article worth reading as it provides valuable information on the city. Being the capital of Philippines it is among the sixteen conurbations comprising of the Metropolitan Manila. It is located on the eastern shore of the Manila Bay and is brimmed by the San Juan and Mandaluyong, the Quezon City, the Nanotas, the Caloocan and the Pasay in the south. It has a population of 20,654,307 residents and is the second most populous region after the Quezon City. It has an area of 38.55 square kilometres making it among the densely populated regions of the world. It is the 11th most populous metropolitan of the world.

The region encompasses umpteenth number of historical and cultural landmarks along with a plethora of educational and scientific institutions. Special facilities for sports are given. During the Second World War the city was the second most devastated in the world. The regions vernacular language is Filipino. English is widely used for education and business purposes. It has a diverse economy. Those taking Manila flights won't be disappointed as the Port of Manila serves as the chief seaport in the area. Important business sectors are textiles, clothing, chemicals and electronic goods. Publishing and the manufacturing are the leading ones. The most attractive feature of the place is the presence of exceptional beaches which are responsible for pulling maximum number of travellers.

The region is located on the eastern shore of the Manila Bay. It has rich alluvial deposits. It offers a dry and wet climate. It lies entirely within the tropics. The humidity level is high with a relatively lengthy wet season from May to December. Due to the settlement of various industries here the region suffers from air pollution in the form of smog. The lack of infrastructure, industrial wastes and open dump sites adds to the regions pollution. The Pasig River is the most polluted river of the area. It is also a flood prone metropolitan. Those who plan to visit the city should keep a note of these points and book their tickets in advance so as to avail the cheap flights to Manila.

Over 1 million tourists visit the region every year making it a tourist hotspot. The Rizal Park is the biggest attraction. Those who plan to take flights to Manila should not forget to visit places like Fort Santiago, Manila City Hall, Skyline of Manila, City Chinatown, Cultural Centre of Philippines, Santa Cruz, Manila Cathedral and many others. Malate and Ermita are the top listed shopping destinations. It is the home to many notable museums like Museo Pambata, UST Museum of Arts and Science and many others that are dedicated to contemporary art and science and technology. It has a long and distinguished sports history.

From the above reading it can be evidently concluded that this tropical city is not only the capital of the Philippines but also the second largest populous one followed by Quezon City. Millions of travellers from every corner of the world book flights to Manila for a remarkable holiday.

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