Monday, January 5, 2009

Autumn in New England

You close your eyes and can picture it…New England in the fall. The trees are more brilliant than you imagined. There is a crisp chill in the air and you can smell a farmer burning leaves somewhere in the distance, reminding you of summer’s last camping trip. As your eyes drift open, you want nothing more than your upcoming trip to be as perfect as your vision. Careful planning will ensure your trip is nothing less than amazing.
Capturing the colors that paint New England’s countryside at just the right moment can be tricky. Your best bet is to find get your information directly from the “horse’s mouth.” Whether you decide to do a web search or call one of the many New England hotline’s provided, you’ll discover the locals know what they’re talking about. Although Mother Nature is impossible to predict, there typically is a couple of weeks that won’t let you down. When coming at just the right time, the palette of colors before your eyes will be utterly inspiring.
Lighthouses Of New England: Your Guide To The Lighthouses Of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, And Connecticut

Once your dates are set, destination immediately follows. New England is covered in countryside roads and breathtaking hillsides a plenty. What is the best route though? Only you can be the judge. It’s worth the time to travel around exploring all New England has to offer. The sights that trigger one’s heartstrings are different for everyone. If you are in need of specifics however, try Route 100 through Vermont. Making your way northward you will find less congestion and cozy town’s in which to call home for the night.

Autumn in New England both comforts and nurtures the soul. Always plan ahead so your trip goes as seamless as possible. The final suggestion for enjoying New England is to bring along a map or GPS system. If getting lost doesn’t appeal to you, try downloading an interactive map to your Blackberry or wireless device. WorldMate is a fantastic travel assistant, always keeping you well informed. Best of all…. it’s free. With no more excuses, the only thing left to do is to hit the road!

New England and New York

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